‘The Lord of the Rings’, chosen as the best soundtrack in the history of cinema

The particular taste of each one makes preparing value lists a high-risk job. And, if that is true when choosing films, let’s not talk about their musical accompaniments: who knows what face some people make when they hear that the soundtrack of The Lord of the rings has been chosen as the best in movie history.

the score of Howard Shore for the trilogy of Peter Jackson heads the ‘top 100’ of film music chosen by the users of the British station Classic FM. Ironically, Shore has only placed one other title in the ranking: his soundtrack for The Hobbit appears in position 80, but there is no trace of his other works to David Cronenberg and other filmmakers.

Thus, although the Canadian gets the gold position, the real winner has been a john williams who has placed eleven entries in the total, and five in the top 20 positions. We talk about schindler’s list (2), the franchise Star Wars (3), Jurassic Park (8), harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (11), the saga Indiana Jones (13), Saving Private Ryan (twenty-one), ET (30), Shark (39), Superman (47), Encounters in the third phase (58) and warhorse (87).

In fact, the extremely prolific work of the American composer has hurt him, preventing the votes from being concentrated on a single piece. Something similar can be said of Ennio Morricone, although five of his OSTs appear in the top, including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (9) and The mission (10).

On the other hand, the ranking also demonstrates the enormous popularity of a Hans Zimmer whose score for gladiator appears in fifth place, accompanied by other works such as interstellar (23), The Lion King (23), Pirates of the Caribbean (31), The Holiday (52), The dark knight (61), Dunkirk (70), no time to die (77) and The Da Vinci Code (85).

Other musicians chosen for the ranking are john barry (Out of Africa, Dances with Wolves, James Bond against Goldfinger…), Vangelis (Fire cars) and Debbie Wiseman, whose score for Wilde (position 6) makes her one of the few women in the ranking, along with Angela Morley (Long ears, 55), Germaine Franco (Charm, 59), Hildur Guðnadóttir (Joker, 83) and Rachel Portman (Chocolate, 92).

Below we offer you the top 20 positions on the list.

  1. The Lord of the rings –Howard Shore
  2. schindler’s list –John Williams
  3. Star Wars –John Williams
  4. Memories of Africa –John Barry
  5. gladiator –Hans Zimmer
  6. Wilde –Debbie Wiseman
  7. Dancing with Wolves –John Barry
  8. Jurassic Park –John Williams
  9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly –Ennio Morricone
  10. The mission –Ennio Morricone
  11. harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone –John Williams
  12. Fire cars –Vangelis
  13. Indiana Jones –John Williams
  14. last spring –Nigel Hess
  15. Doctor Zhivago –Maurice Jarré
  16. The seven magnificents –Elmer Bernstein
  17. interstellar –Hans Zimmer
  18. The Godfather – Nino Rota
  19. titanic –James Horner
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean –Klaus Badelt

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