Since Disney officially announced that the actress chosen to play Ariel in the live action of The little Mermaid was halle bailey controversy was generated before the decision to choose a black actress and singer. Among the voices that had to come out in favor of Bailey’s election due to the racist attacks due to the color of her skin was Jodi Bensonthe actress who voiced the lead in the popular 1989 original animated feature film.

“I think the most important thing is how the story is told. My family and I have raised our children in such a way that we don’t see any difference on the outside (of people)”Benson categorically assessed four years ago. But the controversy, and actions against it, by the trolls have continued since its premiere, last Friday, May 26, and one of the proofs is that the well-known website for data and review compilation IMDb should have taken action Given the unusual rate of negative scores who was receiving the adaptation directed by Rob Marshall.

In their statement, those responsible for the web have published the following warning: “Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity for this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied”. A message that can be read in different territories such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil or Mexico in the face of this “unusual” activity of reviews and scores of racist users and trolls or against the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters and that, presumably, they have not even seen the movie.

Also, for example, on the French website AlloCiné (Sensacine in its version in Spain), a similar situation has been detected, with a high number of scores that valued it with a single star, out of five possible, having to publish another message regarding the anomaly detected and that does not make the scores that it may receive reliable: “We have observed on this film an unusual distribution of scores that invite us to prudence. We encourage you to make your own opinion of the film”.

As for IMDB, the new little mermaid has received at the time of writing these lines more than 34 thousand votes and its average score is 7 out of 10. Of these, more than 14 thousand (40.5 percent) they directly give you the lowest score, a 1.

In contrast, and as a countermeasure from the defenders of the film, the score of 10 is the second most recorded with almost six thousand votes (17.5 percent). And out of these extremes, the one that predominates the most It is the 7th with more than three thousand votes (9.2 percent).

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