‘The Little Mermaid’ debuts with 3 million in the Spanish box office and also sweeping the US

It may not be the blockbuster of the year, although you never know, but the premiere in our theaters of live action Disney’s The little Mermaid it is making good forecasts that it would be a great success. The film directed by Rob Marshall and starring halle bailey has collected in its first weekend in Spain €3.06 million according to the data, not yet definitive, of ComScore Movies.

In this way it is also positioned as the third best debut of this 2023 only surpassed for the more than 5 million who kneaded Fast & Furious X last weekend, from May 19 to 21, and the 4.3 from the animated feature film Super Mario Bros. The Movie at Easter (although the adaptation of the famous Nintendo video games had already accumulated another 4 million more from its premiere on Wednesday the 5th and Thursday the 6th of April).

But this new little mermaid, just like Super Mario Broscould have a lot more box office travel than the adventures of Dominic Toretto and company As it is a proposal aimed at family audiences and, in addition, ideal to stay during these practically summer dates many more weeks on the billboard.

for now, Fast & Furious X accumulates 8.5 million euros in a week and a half in Spanish cinemas, while Super Mario Bros. is crazy and exceeds 25 million.

At a global level, forecasts predicted that The little Mermaid It could get to enter about 120 million (accounted for in dollars) in the United States, taking advantage of the addition of this Monday the 29th holiday (Memorial Day), and which apparently is being fulfilled. It would have collected, according to data published by Variety, 117.5 million. It was also estimated that another 80 million more could fall internationally. Currently, the box office figures in the rest of the released countries, including Spain, give it a number of $68.3 million.

The ten highest grossing in Spain (from May 26 to 28)

‘The little Mermaid’

1 – The little mermaid. 3,065,341 euros and 444,977 spectators in three days.

2-Fast & Furious X. 2,029,256 euros (and in ten days it accumulates 8,549,867 euros and 1,211,497 viewers).

3 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. 601,084 euros (and in 25 days, 9,692,894 euros and 1,560,915 viewers).

4 – Super Mario Bros. The Movie. 430,843 euros (and in 54 days, 25,360,731 euros and 4,027,233 viewers).

5 – What a vacation!. 285,185 euros (and in 38 days, 3,956,469 euros and 659,494 viewers).

6 – The Knights of the Zodiac. 104,048 euros and 15,804 viewers in three days.

7 – Infernal possession: The awakening. 85,291 euros (and in 38 days, 3,588,654 euros and 556,486 viewers).

8 – Strange way of life (short film). 70,287 euros and 15,200 spectators.

9 – The eight mountains. 56,201 euros (and in ten days, 181,899 euros and 29,313 spectators).

10- Patti and the fury of Poseidon. 53,988 euros (and in 17 days, 422,125 euros and 80,258 viewers).

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