The LG Rollable is impressive

Unfortunately, LG broke up with the mobile scene, which is obviously not particularly painful due to the lack of lower mid-range offerings, although in many regions the products of the South Korean manufacturer dominated this market segment. Within the framework of the Explorer Project, in addition to unfavorable sales figures, LG also dared to experiment with risky concepts, such as the LG Wing operating with a rotatable display or the Rollable, which, unlike the Wing, was no longer on the market.

Recently, however, the manufacturer’s model equipped with a display that can be rolled up like a papyrus appears more and more often and in more and more detail, which may not be a coincidence. Despite the fact that LG retired, the technology may still have a future, it is not excluded that LG’s concept will be taken over by another manufacturer. Of course, this is just an assumption, but suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly, there is more talk about Rollable now than when it was really relevant. The video above is in Korean, but the essential details are understandable, even if the automatic subtitles are not the most professional.

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