The Lesson: Season 2 premieres on Netflix; remember the story

Released on December 30, 2022, The Lesson (The Glory) became one of the hottest dramas of recent times on Netflix. No wonder, the series, produced by Hwa and Dam Pictures, quickly climbed to the top 10 of streaming as soon as it was released in about 70 countries, conquering several subscribers through a dense, dramatic story and full of twists.

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To the delight of fans, Netflix had already confirmed a 2nd season for The lesson, which even debuts this Friday (10) on the platform. Remembering that the first part of the series, directed by Ahn Gil-ho (Walkway of Dreams), featured eight episodes of about an hour each. The new batch of chapters has the same duration, closing the series with 16 parts.

But what to expect from the new episodes of The lesson, in the end? Well, to answer that, first, we need to remember a few things.

Remember the story of The Lesson

In The lesson, we follow the story of Moon Dong Eun, a young woman who is bullied at school and who, due to the trauma it caused her, leaves the institution and spends years in reclusion. But this disappearance does not last forever and Moon returns, already an adult, to be a teacher in the same place where she previously studied. The difference is that, now, she has a grand revenge plan that targets her main enemies from the past, especially Park Yeon-jin, her main enemy.

In the first season of The lesson, therefore, we know all of Moon’s background, as well as his motivations and the basis for his vengeful plan. That is, the protagonist was just warming up the engines before putting what she imagined into practice, something that we should see during the 2nd season of the drama. After all, Moon will hardly change his mind about his aggressors.

In the first few episodes, by the way, she already starts to undermine Park Yeon-jin’s life, approaching her antagonist’s husband, Joo Yeo-jeong. Therefore, the climax of the second season of A Lição should involve seeing the clash between the two, which may not end well (or very well, if Moon’s plan really works).

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Finally, there is also the loose knot around the death of Son Myeong-o, one of the bullies who tormented the protagonist, which is still a mystery. The character, disappeared and was found dead without detailed explanations, just when he had agreed to help Moon in her plan. That is, someone may already know the protagonist’s motivations.

The Lessonhas in its main cast Song Hye-Kyo, Lee Do-Hyun, Ji-Yeon Lim, Aria Song, Yeom Hye-ran, Sung-Hoon Park, Sung-Il Jung, Kim Hieora, among other names.

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