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The Lesson: Is the Netflix drama based on a true story? Find it out!

 The Lesson: Is the Netflix drama based on a true story?  Find it out!

It seems that the doramas really fell in the taste of the subscribers of Netflix. Korean series have gained more and more notoriety in streaming and, proof of this, is the success of A Lição (The Glory). Launched in December 2022, the work quickly conquered the platform’s top 10 and, through eight episodes, brings a tense and engaging story, which is leaving viewers glazed.

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A Lição, which is produced by Hwa and Dam Pictures, bets on a narrative centered on revenge. In it, the character Moon Dong-Eun (Song Hye Kyo) is bullied at school and years later, she plots a cruel plan to take revenge on those who did her wrong and even forced her to remain a recluse for so long. But the question she doesn’t want to shut up is: Is the Lesson based on a true story?

Very well, directly, no, The Lesson is not based on a true story. Written by Kim Eun-sook, known for K-dramas Descendants of the Sun and Mr. Sunshine, the plot, however, is inspired by an extremely relevant and important theme: bullying and its tragic effects.

In a recent interview, Kim explained a little more the choice for the theme of A Lição: “I am a mother with a daughter going to high school soon. Violence in schools is a topic that really moves me”, said the screenwriter.

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She also revealed the exact moment that inspired her to create the drama. She said her daughter asked her the following question: “Would you be more hurt if you beat someone to death or if you were beaten to death?” The question shocked Kim so much that, shortly afterwards, she came up with the idea for A Lição. “In a short period, I had a lot of ideas, so I turned on my computer. That’s how the series started,” she concluded.


However, despite being fictional, the production story, according to the Village Pipol website, has at least one fact-based scene. It’s the sequence in which Moon has his arm burned by his colleagues with a hair straightener. According to the publication, a student at a school in Cheongju suffered the same burn in a real episode of school bullying. As a result, the perpetrator was reportedly reported and arrested by the Korean city authorities.

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