The launch of the OnePlus Nord 3 seems imminent

Previously, OnePlus focused on its flagships. But with the OnePlus Nord, launched in 2020, the Chinese brand has moved into mid-range devices, competing with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy A and Xiaomi’s Redmi.


Today, the manufacturer is preparing to launch its third generation of mid-range devices. And obviously, this launch is already imminent.

Indeed, in an article published this week, our colleagues from Android Authority relayed an Indian Internet user who indicated that he had spotted a mention of the OnePlus Nord 3 on the Indian site of OnePlus. This suggests that the launch, at least in India, is coming soon.


Unfortunately, this leak does not reveal the design or the characteristics of the OnePlus Nord 3. Nevertheless, according to rumors, this device should have characteristics quite close to those of the OnePlus 10R, which has already been made official by the brand. In fact, the OnePlus Nord 3 would be a lighter version of the OnePlus 10R, with less interesting features.

According to Android Authority, it is possible that this model is already being tested in India. And by the way, other sources suggest that the launch would be scheduled for the month of June or the month of July.


This device is rumored to use a Dimensity 8000 series processor from Mediatek. Its screen would be of the AMOLED type, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The battery would have a capacity of 4,500 mAh, and the fast charge would be at 80 W or 150 W.

It should also be noted that rumors are circulating about a “Nord” connected watch that the Chinese brand could launch at the same time as the OnePlus Nord 3. It would be an affordable product that will target the intermediate market, with a clientele not wishing to buy the most expensive watches, such as the Apple Watch or Samsung’s Galaxy Watches.

OnePlus: new strategy?

As mentioned above, the old OnePlus focused on its flagships. And as a result, the brand did not release more than four models per year. This changed with the launch of the Nord range, since OnePlus also releases many mid-range devices.


And this new strategy seems to be reinforced by the merger of OnePlus with Oppo. Rumors even suggest that OnePlus could release up to 15 different models this year.

This is what is for example suggested by this tweet published a few days ago by Yogesh Brar (a source that is sometimes mentioned by the tech media).

“It’s no secret that OnePlus will be releasing new products every month until at least next quarter and they have over 15 devices planned for this year alone. Most are from the Nord series and at this point should be branded separately as the number series suffers”says this one.

The good news is that OnePlus will finally keep its Android overlay

One of OnePlus’ strengths since its inception has been its Android overlay, called OxygenOS. But as part of the merger with Oppo, the two brands had to completely merge their operating systems: OxygenOS for OnePlus and ColorOS for Oppo.

This, of course, did not please the fans. And finally, in February, OnePlus officially backpedaled.

“In September, we announced that the code base for OxygenOS and ColorOS would merge with the goal of creating a unified and upgraded operating system for both brands globally. While OxygenOS and ColorOS will continue to be developed on the same code base – to enable faster updates and better build quality – OxygenOS and ColorOS will remain independent brand properties. This new course was taken in line with feedback from our community – we understand that OxygenOS and ColorOS users want each operating system to remain separate from each other with its own distinct properties”wrote the brand in a post on its forum.


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