‘The Last of Us’: The reason why Pedro Pascal has not seen this episode yet

Peter Pascal he has achieved the greatest moment of fame of his career thanks to two simultaneous father roles. She has appeared in both The Last of Us as in the third season of The Mandalorian (although here we cannot see him behind the helmet) has earned him the title of daddy of the Internet, something that Bella Ramseywith whom he appeared in The Last of Usalready said that he was worried if he had gone too far.

But whatever you may think of its title, Pascal is happy with the series experience. The Chilean actor, who after chaining both productions put himself under the orders of Pedro Almodovar in strange way of lifehas recently intervened in Actors on Actorstalk show sponsored by Variety. There she has spoken with Steven Yeun (Minari) and revealed that his relationship with The Last of Us was intense enough to resist seeing the final chapter.

A chapter in which his character, Joel, makes a decision that greatly impacted the audience (not so those who had previously played the original video game of Naughty Dog, clear). Pascal has not yet seen the outcome of The Last of Us, which would lead to a second season already confirmed, but in limbo at the cost of the current writers’ strike. I saw them all until the end. I hadn’t done anything for so long before, so my relationship with the series is strange,” explains the actor. Game of Thrones.

“Despite approaching 50, I had that innocent reaction and half angry against an experience that had ended ”, she continues. Part of the affection that Pascal arouses is due to the good relationship that he established both in front of and behind the cameras with Ramsey, and indeed it is one of the reasons why the interpreter does not dare to see the season finale. “The series continues but there will no longer be another first meeting with Bella Ramsey. Having worked with Craig Mazin and the whole teamwith Coconut who did my hair, in general with the whole family. It was something to fall in love with.”

The second season of The Last of Us would adapt the second video game, having already Mazin and Neil Druckman (its creators) dropped that perhaps this adaptation would require more than one season.

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