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The Last of Us: fans find ‘amateur’ error in episode and remember GoT

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The last episode of The Last of Us arrived at the HBO Max catalog last Sunday (19) and was very well received by the public. Entitled Kinthe chapter shows Joel and Ellie’s journey to Jackson, Wyoming, while looking for Tommy, the protagonist’s brother.

In addition to all the drama in the episode, something else caught viewers’ attention. This is because the production of the series missed a scene in which it is possible to see some members of the film crew.

The scene takes place close to 14 minutes in length, when Ellie and Joel cross a bridge. In one of the aerial scenes that show the scenery, we see people from the team in the middle of the bushes.

The ‘discovery’ was shared by Twitter user @stjguitarrist. “Brilliant episode. Something you might want to correct. You can see the camera crew in this scene,” he wrote, tagging Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us.

The detail soon gained more repercussions on social networks and fans remembered other slips by HBO. The biggest “culprit” is Game of Thrones, with some memorable mistakes during production – including the classic Starbucks cup in one of the scenes, as well as the plastic bottle in the last episode.

The netizen made reference to the Starbucks cup to point out where the team members are. “With a bit of humour. I also love both the game and the series. I’m not just pointing out bugs, but I’m sure they’d like to fix it,” he said.

New episodes of The Last of Us arrive on HBO Max weekly on Sundays at 11pm.

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