The iPhone 15 Pro to be sold with no SIM card, with a switch to eSIM?

After the jack and the charger, the iPhone could soon say goodbye… to the SIM card!

A recent rumor indeed evokes the upcoming launch of an eSIM compatible iPhone only.

SIM card soon “has been“for the iPhone?

A few years ago, Apple created a surprise by removing the jack port from its iPhone. Later, the American company continued to shake up habits, this time removing the charging unit from iPhone boxes. Soon, the iPhone could draw a line on a historical relic of mobile telephony: the physical SIM card.


At Apple, we will have to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro to be entitled to a periscopic lens

This is indeed what some rumors evoke, with an iPhone that could soon fully switch to the era of eSIM. In all likelihood, this is not the next generation of iPhone 14 (coming at the end of 2022) but rather the iPhone 15 the following year.

According to Blog Do iPhone, it is, therefore, the iPhone 15 Pro which will be the first iPhone in history to ignore the SIM card. For the user, it will then be imperative to rely on an eSIM, or a digital card integrated into the mobile, which is activated with his operator.

Perhaps a switch to eSIM from 2022

On the home side of MacRumors, it is nevertheless explained that Apple has already advised the main American (and world) operators to prepare for the launch of an iPhone compatible only with eSIM … from 2022.

Apple could thus offer in the course of next year certain models of iPhone 13 only compatible eSIM (and without SIM port, therefore), before drawing a line (according to the source of MacRumors always) on the SIM card from generation iPhone 14.

For the record, with the new iPhone 13, it is possible to use dual SIM mode, with either two active eSIMs, or a nano-SIM and an eSIM. On the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, dual SIM mode allows the use of a nano-SIM and an eSIM.


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Source: MacRumors

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