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The iPhone 15 may come with a more curved back

A shrimp from Afar tweets what it wants, the saying goes, and it is that in itself ShrimpApplePro his semi-information does not carry a lot of weight in a narrow one year iPhone 15 before the start. However, the source previously shared several rumors that turned out to be true, and of course Apple does not stick to the current design forever, so here is the latest spy information: the next iPhone family will come with a titanium frame and a rounded design at the back corners.


Now this can mean two things: they polish the frame itself so much that it is still ideal for the size of the iPhone 14, but in the case of the Pro Max, the disturbing edges should be a little more curved in line with the palm , or the glass on the back may be curved, making the structure. The source cannot say either, however, the titanium frame may be much lighter than stainless steel, and with a clever design and an even tougher back, the durability of the structure may be good.

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