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The iPhone 13 Pro returns renewed

The iPhone 13 Pro returns renewed

The two iPhone 14 Pros turned out to be fantastically good phones, but if we use such grandiose indicators, it must be added that they are sky-rocketingly expensive, and the 14 and 14 Plus, which have barely advanced, are not exactly cheap. This is when it’s worth buying last year’s, except that the iPhone 13 and 13 mini remain only in the official range, and they are not cheap either, while the 13 Pro and Pro Max are no longer available from Apple. Or is it?


THE MacRumors found used and refurbished iPhone 13 Pro models on Apple’s German, English, Italian and Spanish websites, and they may soon be available in other markets, including the US. Refurbished iPhones can be purchased with a fresh battery and housing, as well as a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty, for a small discount, plus, of course, they can participate in the AppleCare+ program. According to the manufacturer, the devices are clean and flawless inside and out, making them indistinguishable from a new phone. It’s not like you can buy a new iPhone 13 Pro on Apple’s website.

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