The influencer Violeta Marujoz, “Britany’s mother” died and the versions about the death were unleashed

The influencer Violeta Marujoz, "Britany's mother" died and the versions about the death were unleashed
The death of the potosina influencer Violeta Marujoz was reported; Her family has not yet confirmed the reason for her death (Photo: Instagram / @violetmarujoz)

This August 26 it was announced that he died Violet Marujoz, influencer 26 years old, which is why Internet users have questioned what would have been the reason for his death. Both the ex-boyfriend of the young woman, as well as some of her fans, have requested Justicesince supposedly the death would have been due to a assault.

This Friday morning, the news began to spread that Violeta Marujoz, known for playing the character she created, passed away. Brittany’s mom. No further details were given about her death, but some influencers close to her confirmed the information and regretted her departure, one of them was her ex-boyfriend, John Salaswith whom he starred in some of his videos.

“I hope you are in a better place and that you can be very happy. Thank you for all the smiles you brought out of all of us, we will carry you forever in our hearts”, was how Violeta’s ex-partner said goodbye.

Violeta’s fame with “Britany’s mom” led her to be invited to different incluencer events and interviews with artists like Ha-Ash (Photos: TikTok/Instagram screenshot @violetamarujoz)

Marujoz rose to fame on social media in 2015, when his character went viral for videos in which he scolded his “daughter”, Britany. in your account Youtube had more than 700 thousand subscribers while in TikTokwhere he shared more content about his transition, added more than one million 400 thousand followers.

Due to his popularity, when his death was confirmed and questions about the reason for his death began to arise, Juan Salas shared a temporary story on Instagram that he later deleted, as he would have published sensitive information and that the family did not want to spread at the moment. .

“I can’t stop thinking about what happened and if i could have helped him with something if I had found out before (…) The only thing I know is that We do not have to remain silent on this issue. And we can’t let it go like this. Esau/Violeta suffered violence in a club, what is known is that it was an act of homophobia

He added that, according to the information he obtained, Violeta would have fallen unconscious after said attack, until the day of her death. However, minutes later he deleted her story and apologized for publishing it.

“It is not fair that the aggressors are out there without something being done about it, we have to do justice for Violeta!!”, ended the message of his first InstaStorie.

Despite the message from the influencer’s ex-boyfriend, Internet users pointed out that there was also a rumor that Violeta would have died of covid-19. None of these versions has been confirmed by the potosina family.

Violeta's last post was about her 26th birthday, on May 3 (Photo: Instagram/@violetamarujoz)
Violeta’s last post was about her 26th birthday, on May 3 (Photo: Instagram/@violetamarujoz)

Salas, after deleting his publication, shared that the information he had shared had been obtained from a “very reliable” source; However, he had received messages from followers who denied this version of events, so he decided to delete the story.

In addition to this, he commented that he will not speak more about it until Marujoz’s family decides to speak.

“The information that I have published is from a very reliable source, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely trueI only let you know because I am very sad and frustrated and I would like to know the truth of what happened, but it is important that we do not create false stories (…) we have to respect your privacy, “reads one of the messages of the young man.

“Justice for Violeta Marujoz, fly high warrior”, “Violeta Marujoz has just died and it is said that it was a hate crime, all this fills me with sadness and anger and that it is not spread”, “I hope that with all that Violeta Marujoz justice be done”, were some of the messages from netizens about it.