Home Tech News The impressive amount that an OnlyFans streamer earns… much more than on...

The impressive amount that an OnlyFans streamer earns… much more than on Twitch

The impressive amount that an OnlyFans streamer earns... much more than on Twitch
This wins an OnlyFans streamer
This wins an OnlyFans streamer

the world of streamers and content creators has been sold as a fun way to earn money, even without making an effort, but the reality is different and only 1% of those who have tried, managed to break through, becoming great internet stars, but now they have the task of constantly reinventing themselves or else the “goose that lays the golden eggs” will escape them.

Such was the case with the streamer from Twitch Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, who shared with her followers the information about the money she earns for being also a webcamer on OnlyFans, earnings that she complements with what she receives on the Amazon platform and the advertising campaigns in which she has participated.

However, it seems that the platform that has left him the most money is OnlyFans and so he has stated on his Twitter account that focuses on business, despite the fact that most of your content on other sites is sexual in natureas she has become known for doing ASMR broadcasts in which she sucks on microphones or performs in private pools and hotel rooms.

The streamer exploded the entire internet with a single tweet, because according to the publication in which she shows her earnings month by month and the total sum, she revealed that she had earned 34 million dollars and was left with 27 million dollars after paying taxes, a figure much higher than what could be earned on YouTube or Twitch. In any case, the streamer He assured that he has not published his earnings to show off but to give a clear and forceful message.

On the other hand, this news managed to capture the attention of users because Kaitlyn’s earnings have been compared to other influencers like Auronplay, Ibai or TheGrefg, and the difference is considerable.

And it is that the earnings on Twitch of these streamers had previously been leaked and the same platform ended up confirming the information.

As for the millionaire streamertook advantage of the thread that was formed after her revelation to thank the work team that is behind the cameras and in post-production, because according to her, it is because of this that she achieved the milestone, in addition He offered his help and support to all women who want to start in the world of OnlyFans or other similar platforms.

However, there was also internet users who claimed that although women tend to be more popular on this type of platform, because their consumers are mostly older men with money, the case of this streamer it is isolated and the vast majority of people who try to enter this type of site to earn money find themselves with almost impossible competition to beatin which there are millions trying to get even a small group of viewers.


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