The implantation of chips in the hands to make payments began

The implantation of chips in the hands to make payments began

“The future is now”says a company that securely implants chips in people’s hands so they can pay for services without using cash, cards either phones smart. Just swiping your hand over a reader is enough for a transaction to be processed.

Is about Walletmor, a company that has implemented NFC technology (Near-Field Communication), from proximity connection, a system used by smart devices to make payments at authorized sites. Currently it is already working in the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Grace, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, France, Germany, Denmark, among other countries, however, it is a requirement to be a permanent resident in one of those countries.

For several years, the possibility of make purchases without taking out your wallet. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this opportunity was expanded through QR codes with which secure transactions could be carried out from the mobile phone.

Although for many paying with applications, QR codes and even smart watches is very advanced, there are those who think that they are already a thing of the past, and that the future lies in simpler and contactless methods such as implants in the hand.

In that sense, at least 4 thousand people in United Kingdom have already implanted your payment chipdue to the ease they promise, but also because they claim to be completely safe for the body and against cyber attacks, since “every transaction made with an implant it is just as secure as any other transaction made with a bank card”.

The technology used was developed in the 1990s and chip implantation has been done in animals for several years. However, recently it is being used on a large scale in people with the aim of Replace bulky purses and wallets.

To start using the chip, which is the size of a lentil, you must download the iCard application on your mobile device and open a digital account that works in the European Union to link it to the implant.

Subsequently, the implant must be activated by entering a unique code. After that, the money from the bank available on the chip will appear and it can be used in establishments that have NFC technology reading as a payment method. To get one of these chips it is only necessary to make an appointment with a local specialist.

Said NFC chip It is similar to a computer hard drive., since it stores and encrypts data, it also does not need to have a battery or charging power. In this case, collects information related to the bank account, which is supposedly impossible to hack.

Although it seems something extraordinary, taken from a science fiction movie, it is not such a complicated technology. The chip, as said, is made with body-compatible polymers; are backed by animal implant experience.

Also, contactless technology has already been used in other devices. All it requires is a short distance between the chip and the receiver of the charge. Payments can be made without the risk of transactions being hacked. Additionally, the implant does not violate basic privacy principles and does not provide the user’s GPS location at any time.