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The HUF 1 million iPhone may arrive soon

The HUF 1 million iPhone may arrive soon

The bendable iPhone is still a long way off, but Bloomberg is already speculating that after the release of the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone family could be expanded with a similar extra-premium member, if the HUF 630,000 starting price of the 14 Pro Max wasn’t too steep. From the outset, Apple wants to better distinguish the basic models from the Pro editions, and especially the latter, with the dynamic island, perform well at the box office even in an inflationary environment. The Ultra, on the other hand, can be an even more exclusive device, and if the observed year-on-year price increase continues, it could easily happen that the possible iPhone Ultra will not even cost less than one million forints.

Today, the Pro Max is still the most expensive iPhone, but sooner or later it may hand over its crown to the Ultra [+]

Bloomberg heard about the ultra-premium model on the one hand based on inside information, and on the other hand, it itself Tim Cook it was said at Apple’s annual review that customers are willing to reach the deepest into their pockets for the best-equipped devices. The periscope camera, the omission of the charging port and, of course, the larger and foldable screen, possibly even more powerful hardware, have already been discussed, but according to the source, it has not yet been decided which line will bring the even more exclusive iPhone extra knowledge. However, it is likely that the iPhone Ultra will not be available this year, and if it is next year, it probably won’t have a foldable screen yet.

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