The horror movie that grabs you and doesn’t let go has just launched its sequel

As soon as tell me garnered its first cries at the Sundance Festival, from A24 launched to buy the distribution rights of the debut in the length of Danny and Michael Philippe because they smelled that they had a bombing on their hands. The good performance at the box office of the supernatural horror film, which already exceeds 23.2 million dollars in revenue in the US alone, has proved them right. So the sequel is inevitable.

After building a reputation on YouTube with his horror and comedy videos on the channel RackaRacka, The Philippou brothers have achieved one of those box office success stories that horror movies make so much easier. tell me It managed to raise 10 million dollars in its opening weekend, which places it in the A24 record just 3.6 million dollars below another of its indisputable successes in the genre: hereditary (2018), the debut of AriAster.

It is not surprising, therefore, that A24 has already given immediate green light to a sequel which the Philippou twins will once again direct. Danny Philippou will write the script with bill hinzman, also collaborator in the libretto of the first Tell me, that arrives next Friday, August 11 in Spanish cinemas.

‘Talk to me’: synopsis of the horror film hand in hand

A insistent hand and wanting to catch you has starred in the promotional campaign of Tell me. The explanation is that in this Australian production, the group of friends who get together to perform séances (which, spoiler, get out of hand) he does not use a ouija, but the embalmed hand of a supposed satanist.

That is the hand used by a youthful cast headed by Sophie Wilde to communicate with the spirits. But of course, to use it you have to take into account some rules that have contributed to popularize the film as a viral challenge and that, if they are not followed to the heart, they can cause you problems both in the world of the living and of the dead.

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