The Hogwarts academic manager conquers the networks: the hilarious viral video of Santa Penya with ‘Harry Potter’

“Whenever people talk about Hogwarts people think about spells, the potions, the dungeons… But behind it there is management, of course.” This is the presentation he makes of his work Marisa, the Hogwarts academic manager for the last 20 years.

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You can hear his experience as one of the anonymous pillars of the famous school of magic and wizardry in the new video on the channel Santa Penya, where Marisa is presented within a television testimonial program format called Invisible jobs.

The animated short has not taken long to go viral on various social networks since its publication on February 3. Of Twitter to TikTok, where already accumulates almost half a million views; Below you can see the director’s cut shared on Instagram.

In the video, both the Hogwarts academic manager and key figures of the institution directed by Albus Dumbledore They value the work of this administrative office, which is essential for students to be able to face the bureaucratic tasks of their magical education or sign up for Quidditch classes.

Although in the universe of Harry Potter While it may be easy to fall into the fascination of magical solutions, Marisa has had to deal with matters as earthly as arranging academic correspondence. via owls (instead of email) or the fact that the institution’s coffee is as unpleasant as that of any machine.

Who are Santa Penya

Marisa’s video is the latest viral work from Santa Penya, a Barcelona collective formed by Carlos Granero, Albert Díaz and Sergio Ramon who has been publishing their hilarious animation creations on networks since March 2022. Since last year you can collaborate with their creations through Patreon with different subscription forms.

From Santa Penya they have portrayed with acid irony burning issues in the streets of contemporary Barcelona, between the tourist theme park, the precarious reality for its inhabitants and urban degradation, with videos as celebrated as their reinterpretation of the opening scene of Trainspotting.

Whether with the seriality of its trippiecontes, a sort of slice of life infused with Barcelona precariousness or musical hits like My father has become an MLR, In the videos of Santa Penya, a sense of humor between the crude and the hooligan, that can be incorporated into the illustrious lineage youtuber of Come on Nuns, the animations of Alberto González Vázquez or the wildest madness of Rafillo. Shots of wild and sometimes rabid creativity that help to continue believing in the internet as a space for artistic expression.

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