The great surprise that Stephanie Salas prepares for Silvia Pinal for her tribute in Fine Arts

Stephanie Salas prepares Silvia Pinal for a great moment (Photo: Instagram)

The next August 29in the Palace of Fine Arts Silvia Pinal will be honored with a distinguished recognition that the Federal Ministry of Culture will award him for his extensive and successful career in the world of acting in Mexico, as we remember that his time in the gold cinema and television marked several generations who remember her with great affection.

In the middle of the preparations the details about the big day have begun to arrive being the one that Stephanie Chambershis granddaughter and daughter of Sylvia Pasquelprepares one of the most anticipated, important and symbolic ones for the first actress, since it is the recreation of one of the most important projects of her youth and that possibly has a good reception from Pinal.

Excerpts will be performed Hello Dolly!, gypsy, anny is a shot Y momthe four most emblematic musicals in the artistic life of the actress and producer, the first being the one that will be taken up by the mother of Luis Miguel’s daughter with a wardrobe that she has already advanced on her social networks and that has been the subject of comparisons thanks to Silvia’s good genetics that has been reflected in her entire female dynasty.

The recognition will be granted by the Federal Ministry of Culture Silvia Pinal (Photo: Ig silvia.pinal.h)
The recognition will be granted by the Federal Ministry of Culture Silvia Pinal (Photo: Ig silvia.pinal.h)

“Well, I’ve been rehearsing for several weeks now. My participation in the tribute will be to interpret a musical of the one who will remember everything, Hello Dolly!, then I am immersed in that boat, in those rehearsals. I am happy and excited to also step on stage with Bianca Marroquín, Alan Estrada and it will be incredible to be able to sing ‘How are you Dolly? How are you doing Dolly?’, So for me it’s like part of putting on a whole show, ”she expressed for the program Come the Joy Weekend.

Regarding the costume advances that she has already left days ago, Stephanie Salas assured that it is a very similar job to the one that was carried out on Silvia Pinal in the 90s, so despite the fact that it could not be considered a faithful copy, if it will have the greatest possible elements that allow the optical effect to be almost the same as that given by the first actress.

The dress is a copy very similar to that of Hello Dolly! I’ve already tried it on, I’ve already uploaded stories singing and dancing,” he said. Regarding the presence of her first daughter, the result of her short relationship with Luis Miguel, michelle halls He assured that at the moment it is more than confirmed.

The dress will be very similar (Photo: Instagram)
The dress will be very similar (Photo: Instagram)

“As far as I know, yes, of course, It has to be present, you see that it is the spoiled one. For my grandmother, it’s her little girl, Michelle. My two daughters are adored by my grandmother, but particularly Michelle was the first great-granddaughter. Without a doubt I will wear my handkerchief because without a doubt the standing applause will be endearing, well everything minute by minute I already feel that it is going to be something very big, one hundred percent on the surface, ”she concluded.

All the details of the tribute to Silvia Pinal in Fine Arts

During the ceremony, which will be conducted by Diana BrachoSilvia Pinal will be recognized as a pioneer of musical theater in Mexico, for which members of the National Symphony Orchestra (OSN), of the National Dance Company (CND) and the choir of Fine Arts Ensemble Soloistsunder the artistic direction of Diego del Río and the choreographer Óscar Carpía, in the artistic direction.

The ceremony of the first actress is the most anticipated in the Mexican show (Photo: INAH)
The ceremony of the first actress is the most anticipated in the Mexican show (Photo: INAH)

Stephanie Salas has also shared that as such there is still no program for the entire ceremony, however it is possibly she who will close the event with her presentation within the musical, being the most anticipated within the Pinal dynasty.

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