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“The gray man”: the secret that Regé-Jean Page hid from Jessica Henwick and both told Infobae

We spoke to Regé-Jean Page and Jessica Henwick about their involvement in “The Gray Man,” the action movie starring Ryan Gosling for Netflix.

Netflix returns to bet on the action genre with the film adaptation of the gray mana story with high doses of blows, shots and chases that stars Ryan Gosling. Since last July 22, the public of the streaming you can witness this adventure that also has a remarkable cast in which two rising stars participate: Rege-Jean Page (Bridgerton) Y Jessica Henwick (Matrix: Resurrections). TechMarkup He talked with both about their characters and the experience they had during the filming of the film.

Page is Denny Carmichael, the Machiavellian CIA man who leads the hunt for Court Gentry (Six), the agent played by Gosling. He hardly takes part in the action, since he entrusts this work to Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), however, the protagonist is so elusive that no one could find him without causing a complete disaster and exposing the operation. How did it feel to be this guy who wouldn’t mind killing people from his own agency?

Denny Carmichael is one of the CIA leaders who decides to go after Agent Six, Court Gentry, when classified information falls into his hands. (Netflix)

“It feels great! I think this man, Denny Carmichael, is so delightfully vile in some places that he is enormously free. Just to see how far he can take this guy and how far he would take himself,” he details, adding that he’s not the type to enjoy it, but” hopefully we’ll get a mess in the audience reaction to it’s. I think there’s something great about seeing a villain have fun.”

On the other hand, Henwick plays Carmichael’s right-hand woman, Suzanne Brewer, and is the one who pays the price for every failed attempt to assassinate Six. In the gray manshe shares multiple scenes with her cast partner present in the interview and also with Evans, and it is with the latter that she has good discussions on screen.

Although very different, Lloyd Hansen and Suzanne Brewer work together to catch and kill Six.  (Netflix)
Although very different, Lloyd Hansen and Suzanne Brewer work together to catch and kill Six. (Netflix)

“I like that she never cares to please anyone. I think that’s really refreshing, the way she interacts with people, the way she communicates, the way she dresses or looks. She is not doing it for anyone else, she is doing it for herself and she has a very clear goal in mind and she would do whatever it takes to get it.”

Regé-Jean Page never revealed her real accent to Jessica Henwick

With 34 years, Rege-Jean Page is gradually making his way into the world of film and television since he had his great leap to fame with the role of Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, in the first season of Bridgerton. Although we have heard him speak in his native British accent on many occasions, this part of him was not known to Jessica Henwickwho is remembered for her roles in Matrix: Resurrections, game of Thrones Y Iron Fist.

In addition to Page and Henwick, "The Gray Man" features performances by Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, among others.  (Netflix)
In addition to Page and Henwick, “The Gray Man” features performances by Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, among others. (Netflix)

“My favorite moment was when you revealed your British accent, it really was!” he confessed. “Yeah, it was actually my least favorite moment too, because I felt… I felt like my correlation was a lie,” he added with a laugh, and Page continued, “This is us convinced this is a fake accent, this is the character. I mean it was a bit [una mentira]We were faking it.” Why did he hide this “secret” from his colleague? the stars of the gray man detail this anecdote in conversation with TechMarkup.

JH: So Regé stuck to his American accent between takes, so it was a year before I heard him speak with a British accent, so I was like, “What? What?!”.

RJP: Just because I need to fool myself, if I just go in and out [del acento] had the same ease I wouldn’t do it. This is the compromise I had to make to do my job.

JH: You’re the only actor with a British accent that I’ve worked with who’s kept it to themselves, because I’ve worked with actors who want to keep their accent. [ante cámaras] and I just say, “Oh, so what part of England are you from?” Y [con él] then I said, “Ugh, fine.”

RJP: It is the challenge that I have myself, I am the only one who has kept it to himself.

JH: Yes, you are the only one.

RJP: Yes? That’s great. Uh, we had a good time.

The film directed by the Russo brothers was based on the homonymous novel by Mark Greaney. (Netflix)

the gray man is now available to view on the platform Netflix.

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