The Gospel according to Scorsese: the project that he has promised to Pope Francis on the life of Jesus Christ

Sometimes the greatest heretics are also the most sincere believers. In the world of cinema there are plenty of examples of this, of Robert Breson to Carl Theodor Dreyer… or that Martin Scorsese that, after having sown the scandal in 1988 among Catholic fundamentalism with The last temptation of Christ, just got out of a meeting with him Pope Francis I Carrying an important assignment on his hands.

Last Saturday, while attending a symposium of Catholic artists in the Vatican, Scorsese and his wife Helen Morris they were received in audience by the pontiff. Although the meeting was brief, according to Variety, the director immediately announced that it could lead to his second film on the life of Jesus.

“I have responded to the pope’s call to artists in the only way I know how: imagining and writing a script about the life of Jesus,” said the author of Taxi Driver. “And I’m about to start carrying it out,” he added during the meeting, organized by Georgetown University and the magazine La civilta cattolica. Antonio Spadaro, editor of the publication, said Scorsese was “very moved by the pope’s call: ‘Make us see Jesus.’

Scorsese spoke of his admiration for The gospel according to Saint Matthew, of Pier Paolo Pasolini, of the controversy that surrounded The last temptation of Christ and other religious films from his filmography. Between them, Silence, a film about the Jesuit missionaries (order to which Francis I belongs) who suffered martyrdom in Japan.

For now, the director has a premiere pending Killings of the Flower Moon, his mammoth film with Leonardo Dicaprio and robert deniro which received rousing applause in Cannes and will hit theaters on October 20. After those statements in which Scorsese claimed to feel old and without the strength to continue filming, his fans are sure to be happy to see him back in the gap.

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