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The Galaxy S24 can be generous

The Galaxy S24 can be generous

The Galaxy S23 family opened very well at the box office, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chip, with its good heat dissipation, also brought a serious generational advance in terms of operating time and thermal management. Of course, the story is not over, and Samsung is said to be already working on the Galaxy S24, which fortunately can come with a copy of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Galaxy, which means that the industry is not counting on the return of Exynos for now.

The continuation of the Galaxy S23 family can also progress from the side of RAM and storage [+]

Instead, the basic model can correct an S23 error, which is not actually a shortcoming, but rather an unsolicited saving: HUF 410,000 somehow did not fit the 256 GB storage that the S23+ and S23 Ultra received, and UFS 4.0 jumped with the 128 boot s format as well. According to SamMobile, however, next year the base model will open at 256 GB, and both S24s with rounded corners will get 12 GB of RAM, moving up from 8. The S24 Ultra and in the case of the 512 GB package, the memory can be increased to 16 GB. The storage for all models can be UFS 4.1, which means that application management and multitasking are promised to be even faster, but the top model can keep the 200 megapixel camera for itself.

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