Home Android The Galaxy A54 hasn’t even been announced yet

The Galaxy A54 hasn’t even been announced yet

The Galaxy A54 hasn't even been announced yet

The arrival of the Galaxy A34 and A54 is not such a secret that Samsung has been openly talking about them for some time, and even an official case has appeared on the manufacturer’s website, naming the more expensive model. Rather, the question is why the brand waited so long with the unveiling and why it didn’t take it to, say, MWC in Barcelona, ​​where its stand was a bit boring.


In any case, Samsung notified the teaser page of the new phones, specifying March 16 and the Indian date of the presentation, although March 15 has been mentioned so far from unofficial sources. On the registration page, you can see three freshly painted Galaxy with IP67 protection confirmed, followed by a small reference to the past, showing the predecessors with camera islands.


On the other hand, the hill surrounding the optics has apparently disappeared, so that they stand out one by one like the Galaxy S23 series, and the preview also confirms 5G, advanced noise filtering, Knox protection, four years of Android and five years of security bug fixes. Finally, Samsung promises great night photography quality by eliminating hand shake, and now all that’s really left is the presentation and the test to test the Galaxy A34 and A54 live.

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