The funny difference between the movie and the book of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ that went unnoticed

It may not be the best or the most remembered of the original saga, but the spell of the boy who lived is such that even his less brilliant adventures continue to make people talk. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire addresses the fourth school year of the most famous Hogwarts class and was, like all the films before and after, a success: in Spain, it was among the 100 most viewed in history by grossing almost 20 million euros, surpassing others. as Gladiator or a more recent one that will be very difficult to hunt down: Oppenheimer.

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Almost twenty years after its premiere, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire remains current thanks to its availability in the catalog of HBO Max. The platform, which will soon embark on the controversial adaptation of the novels by JK Rowling to convert them into series, receives daily visits from hundreds of potterheads (because this is the name they have chosen), who long to remember the adventures of a magician they know by heart. Or, perhaps, not at all. Harry Potter still keeps a couple of rabbits at the bottom of his hat.

Still from the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Golden Goblet’.

Relax, Albus

Never ask a true lover Harry Potter How are the literary saga and the cinematographic saga different, because you would run the risk of him answering you. Although it is true that, as in every version, a gap was opened between both titles, many of the unforgivable variations are actually nice details and difficult to notice. The last one is found in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireand its protagonist is none other than Albus Dumbledore, the wizard of all wizards.

In the fourth novel, Hogwarts becomes the venue for a capital tournament in the world of witchcraft: that of the Triwizards. Students over 17 years of age from each of the three schools of magic and wizardry can participate: all they have to do is place a piece of paper with their candidacy in a gigantic chalice that, when the deadline is met, will spit out three names at the rate of one champion per center. The problem is that, the year Harry planned to attend the tournament as an audience, the chalice is not satisfied with a shortlist of witches and decides to add one more competitor: Ron and Hermione’s ubiquitous friend, whose age made him unfit to dispute it.

Because the rules governing the contest were rigid and, in principle (as is the case with the Weasley twins), anyone under the age of 17 would be unable to put their name in the goblet, Dumbledore flies into a rage. But in a very English rage: Rowling writes that the wizard turned to his favorite student and asked him if he had poured his “name into the Goblet of Fire” in a “calm” tone.

The recently deceased Michael Gambonwho plays Dumbledore in this version, the director Mike Newell or the screenwriter Steve Kloves They were unable to maintain the British phlegm of the ancient wizard and, in the film, Dumbledore loses his temper. Upon noticing Harry, the witcher pounces on him and, grabbing him by the lapels of his tunic, he yells at him if he had tried to cheat. Harry looks at him in fear and says no. Perhaps, thinking that a good dose of Petrificus totalus It was what his teacher needed at that moment.

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