On the occasion of the premiere of Tyler Rake 2, Chris Hemsworth visits Spain to promote the sequel to the Netflix bombing. A film that comes a few months after the Australian actor announced that he would take a break from his career after discovering that he has a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s.

Since last November, Hemsworth has alternated a more peaceful life with his wife, the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and their three children, between surf sessions and trips to school with their little ones. A way to connect with them that has also left several funny anecdotes, such as the devastating comments he received from his children’s friends, only 8 years old, when they saw Thor: Love and Thunder.

Some little ones who had no filter to show the weak points of the title, like the special effects that surprised for bad. And more considering that the film directed by Taika Waititi for Marvel had a budget of up to 250 million dollars.

“It was a bunch of eight-year-olds criticizing my movie and saying, ‘We think the movie has too much humor and the action is great, but the VFX isn’t that great.’ I cringe and laugh all the same,” confesses the actor to G.Q. about the comments received by the little ones.

Despite the fact that the film was a true box office success, with more than $760 million grossed worldwideprofessional criticism and negative reactions from viewers were immediate.

I think we had too much fun and it got too silly. It’s always hard to be in the center and have a real perspective.. I love the process, but you never know how people are going to respond,” adds Hemsworth about the controversy raised by this tape.

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