The free games on Xbox Live Gold for May 2022

It’s time to add new titles to the inventory. Games With Gold, which you can get with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, is now available for May 2022. Here’s what’s in store for you so you can enjoy every single game.


xbox live gold offers the community multiplayer games, free games, discounts on the title catalog and more. Additionally, Xbox One owners will be able to share Gold benefits with all users on the main console.

XBOX GAMES WITH GOLD | Free games for May 2022

Let’s see what are the offers for April in xbox live gold.


Yoku’s Island Express – May 1-31

Yoku has arrived in Mokumana and is ready to lead a quiet life enjoying the sun while shipping packages in a tropical paradise. However, an ancient island deity cannot wake up from an uneasy sleep. Yoku must use a unique mix of pinball, platforming and open world exploration to navigate the island and live an amazing adventure in which he must help everyone who is in trouble.


The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk – From May 16 to June 15

Solve endless puzzles in a universe full of mystery and save the family from the nose flutes! The Nosepipe dynasty has protected Asposia for centuries. They have secretly taken it upon themselves to fill the world with light and life, but when their existence is discovered, the masses begin to persecute them. Emil, a bric-a-brac vendor, has led the Asposians to believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with dark forces. The only one capable of stopping the plans of the evil Emil is Robert, the heir to the flute-nose throne… even though he has spent the last three years turned to stone.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane – May 1-15


This sequel to the legendary arcade racing title features tremendous dynamic water physics, powerful convertible speedboats, and superb interactive environments. Single Player mode includes Career and Championship modes and two new modes: Hoops Master and Challenge.

Viva Piñata Party Animals – From May 16 to 31

Attract and tame your favorite piñatas. There are more than 60 species in the wild on Piñata Island. Customize everything from the grass you step on to the hat your piñata is wearing. Welcome to Piñata Island.

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