The Flash: Batwoman returns for season 9 of the series; know more!

The Flash, one of the longest running Arrowverse series still running, will come to an end in 2023 in its 9th season. However, it’s not all bad news for fans of DC’s fastest hero. This because It was confirmed the information that Batwoman will make an appearance in the production🇧🇷

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Played by actress Javicia Leslie, the character Batwoman was also part of the Arrowverse and had a series of her own.🇧🇷 However, after changes within the network The CW, the work based on the Batwoman was canceled after three seasons (along with other important series).

Now, however, Gotham’s heroine must return to fight evil once again, which was confirmed by Javicia herself in a story on her official Instagram account.



Story by Javicia Leslie on her InstagramSource: Javicia Leslie

Will Javicia Leslie play more than one character in The Flash?


A very relevant curiosity for fans of the Barry Allen series: according to some clues, Javicia Leslie may live more than one character in the 9th season of The Flash.

In addition to returning to the mantle of Batwoman, a role that consecrated her in the Arrowverse, some leaked photos also showed the actress as the villain Red Death (a kind of hybrid between Batman and Flash), which has even been mentioned in the series.

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But how could that be, after all? Well, since the introduction of the multiverse concept in The Flash and the Arrowverse as a wholeOthere is the possibility to explore other planets and timelines, which may have “copies” of some characters in different versions.


That is, Red Death could very well be an alternate version of Ryan Wilder (Batwoman’s real name) on another Earth or timeline. Which would allow Leslie to play two figures at once.

The production of the series, however, has not yet confirmed this information or how this could happen. Anyway, fans can already start hyping the end of The Flash and create your theories.

About The Flash Season 9

As of this writing, The CW has yet to release a premiere date for Season 9 of The Flash or details about the plot.

However, the series is expected to return in 2023, in the first half.

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