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The five games similar to Wordle

wordle. (photo: Okidiario)

wordle is a game that has gained popularity among users of social networks because it is a daily challenge that consists of guess a word five letters in six attempts. If the letter appears gray, it is not included in the answer; if it is yellow, it is in the response but in a different order; and if it is green, it is the place it occupies in the solution.

Once the challenge has been solved or the possibilities have been exhausted, the screen will show statistics that indicate how many attempts it took the player to guess the word (or not), as well as a counter that indicates how much time is left before the launch of the next challenge.

Nevertheless, wordle It is not the only game of its kind. There are other similar ones that are played once a day or that adapt the idea of ​​progressively guessing a word, character, place, etc. These are some examples:

Who are ya?

Aimed at football lovers and especially for fans of the leagues around the world. The objective of this game is to guess the name of a specific soccer player from one of the five major soccer leagues. Europe (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1).

Who Are Ya (Capture)
Who Are Ya (Capture)

To vary the difficulty, the player will be able to choose if he wants a blurred photograph of the footballer’s face to be shown or he prefers to play without having that little clue. Once the game is configured, a bar is presented in which the name of a soccer player must be written.

In each attempt, data such as the nationality, league and club where he plays, position, age and the number he wears on his jersey. If the data corresponds to the description of the footballer, it will be indicated with a green circle.

Currently you can play ‘Who Are Ya‘ with footballers from England, Spain, Germany, Brazil, United States, Italy, Portugal, France or Mexico

Where were ya?

A game that consists of guessing the footballer, but the only data available is the clubs he has played for in his career, his games played and the goals scored, if any.

Game Where Were Ya (Capture)
Game Where Were Ya (Capture)

Every time you try to guess the footballer, the game provides additional data, such as the league in which he currently plays and his club. His position on the field, his nationality and his age are data that can be inferred from the year and club in which he debuted, in addition to the goals he scored that season.

A game also for football lovers and recurring followers of news about transfers from European clubs.


Continuing with the theme of guessing a character, Squirdle is a game aimed for lovers of Pokemon. The objective is to guess the name of the Pokémon based on the data that the game indicates after each attempt: Generation to which it belongs, types (in the case of the initial ones, they only have one), height and weight.

Squirdle Game (Catch)
Squirdle Game (Catch)

Below the bar where the names are written, there is a set of Pokémon types that can help the player during each turn. Unlike the other games, the answer does not appear with a photo, only the name of the creature is displayed.

Also, this game has a daily version, with a turn every 24 hours; and a free version in which you have unlimited attempts and constant games.


A geography game that challenges the player in his knowledge of the countries and their location on the planet.

Worldle Game (Capture)
Worldle Game (Capture)

Each attempt will provide information on how far the displayed territory is from the player’s choice and its location with the cardinal points (north, south, east, and west).

The game features English options and contains the names of both countries and islands.


A game quite similar to wordlebut what do you use mathematical operations and numbers as an answer. The goal is to guess what the equation is and its solution.

Game Nerdle (Capture)
Game Nerdle (Capture)

Like Wordle, you also have six attempts to guess the daily equation, has indicators that give clues about the location of numbers and signs; and has a final stat after finishing playing.


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