The first trailer for “The Sound of Magic”, a Korean Netflix series, is released

The first trailer for “The Sound of Magic”, a Korean Netflix series, is released

You believe in Magic? An enigmatic magician invites you into a world of wonder. (Trailer for “The Sound of Magic”, Netflix)

Netflix just released the first trailer for the original series The sound of magic based on the popular webtoon annarasumanara. It’s about a magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park. He makes a disenchanted teenager’s problems disappear from life and gives her back hope. This series is a heartwarming drama starring Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who has had to grow up too quickly, and Lee-eul, a mysterious magician who, despite being an adult, wants to remain a child. Lee-eul is a mysterious man who puts on magic shows for people who tell him they believe in it.

When she was little, Yoon Ah-yi dreamed of becoming a magician. Now she is just a high school student struggling to support herself and her younger sister with part-time jobs as she doesn’t know where her parents are – her father had to run away from home due to debt collectors and soon after their mother abandoned them. Despite having a poor financial situation, academically she ranks among the top. Ah-yi wants to become an adult as soon as possible so she can have a stable job.

The cast of the series is headed by a large cast of Korean actors who are very popular in their country: Ji Chang-Wook, Choi Sung-eun Y Hwang In-youp. The production is directed by Kim Sung-youna filmmaker with great narrative expertise as we could already see in the successful series, Itaewon Class. A regular of the director, Kim Min Jeong, is in charge of the scripts.


Ji Chang-wook as Lee-eul, a mysterious magician who lives in an abandoned theme park.

Nam Da-reum like young Lee-eul.

Choi Sung-wun as Yoon Ah-yi.

Hwang In-yeop as Na Il-deung, a student who only focuses on his studies and doesn’t know how to bond with other people. However, when he meets Lee-eul he learns about fun and magic.

Yoo Jae-myung as Na Il-deung’s father.

The series, made up of six episodes, is scheduled to premiere in more than 190 countries on May 6, 2022, exclusively on this platform. So, if you are a lover of Korean fiction and magic, this production is definitely for you. Wait for her!