The Find X6 Pro comes with three 50-megapixel cameras

There are many advantages to high-resolution and large-sized camera sensors, which, depending on the needs, can be combined with clever pixel combining or just effective demosaic they work with an algorithm and a quality sensor zoom, see the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple, on the other hand, included only one high-resolution camera in this year’s top device, while the Find X5 Pro has two, and Oppo can bid on this too with the upcoming sequel. For example, the 1/1.56″ main sensor can be replaced by a giant 1″ Sony IMX989 chip with a seven-element focus lens and optical image stabilization, still working at 50 megapixels. This resolution can also remain for the ultra-wide camera, but the IMX890 sensor and improved processing on the back of the X6 Pro can provide excellent quality day and night.


The Find X5 Pro offered two great cameras on the back, the X6 Pro can up the ante to three [+]

The 13-megapixel, 2x zoom unit, unworthy of the other two cameras, can be replaced by a new IMX890 sensor with 2.7x optical magnification. Of course, this is still not a very large zoom range, but at the same time, the Mate 50 Pro proves with one unit how much potential there is to use the zoom module for sensor zoom. So, if the algorithm is also OK at Oppo, the Find X6 Pro can expect great quality 5.2x zoom photos. According to Ice Universe, Oppo’s upcoming flagship will be available with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and MediaTek Dimensity 9200, and if based on this year’s situation, I would have to guess that the Qualcomm version will reach us. The when? and for how much? the scope of the issue is still unclear, although not this year and not cheap seems to be a good enough starting point.

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