The film that denounced the Unified Police Union and has become a ratings success on Prime Video

In the wake of national productions such as the miniseries Riot gearby Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña, on May 5th the film came to the billboard siege. A release that initially went unnoticed among the blockbusters of the moment on the billboard, causing it to crash in movie theaters. However, a second life has come for the film when it landed on streaming.

Prime Video On July 28, it incorporated the Hispanic-Mexican co-production to its catalog and a few hours later it became the most viewed content on the platform in Spain. A great relief for youn title that barely managed 126,301 euros at the box office and 23,100 viewers, Despite the quality of this adrenaline fiction, ideal for lovers of action movies.

A story that goes a long way due to the little publicity that this title received and their problems in relation to the authorities.

The film that the SUP has denounced

Before the premiere of the film itself, The Unified Police Union (SUP) denounced in a statement the “corrupt and criminal” image that the film could show on a number of authorities. “siege causes serious damage to the image of the corporation, distances citizens from the institution and encourages the loss of the principle of authority”, they denounced from the organization after the launch of the first trailer.

A few words with which director of the film, Miguel Ángel Vivas (Your son, kidnapped)affected the current problem of “being at a time when we don’t want to listen to anyone” and we directly access “self-criticism on social networks”.

Society is asleep. That an eviction kills us and pain makes us guilty. They are people we don’t even bother to look at and then judge them. Does anyone wonder where these families go?”, the filmmaker pointed out to Europe Press.

siege focuses the action on the life of Dani (Natalia de Molina), a woman who is faithful to her country and as a riot police intends to use the law to enforce justice. During an eviction in a conflictive neighborhood of Madrid, money is found hidden in relation to a plot of police corruption, which will make him have to flee through hostile territory and start to stand up if everything he had thought so far was as he believed.

Molina is accompanied in the cast by the actors Bella Agossou (palm trees in the snow), Francisco Reyes (30 coins), Fran Cantos (Unit) and Fernando Valdivielso (you shall not kill), in a fiction that has been produced by Apache Films and RTVE, among other companies.

At this moment, siege is at the top of the top ten of Prime Video Spain in front of Babylon, Wonderful disaster, My fault either john wick 4, among other titles. A film that still has a lot of life ahead of it.

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