The fifth Sony Xperia 10 can be elegant and familiar

The new generation of Sony Xperia 10 may return unchanged in May, that is Xperia 10 V. It’s about the device OnLeaks acquired CAD-based renders, you can see them below. The shape of the device housing remains the elongated rectangle, the flat display and the three rear cameras arranged one below the other remain. The size of the housing will change minimally (it will be 153.3 x 68.4 x 8.5 millimeters compared to the predecessor’s 153 x 67 x 8.3 millimeters), and the camera hump will stand a little more out of the plane, so measured with cameras, the phone will be 9, It will be 4 mm at its thickest point.

This is what the Sony Xperia 10 V might look like. (source: OnLeaks / The Tech Outlook) [+]

It still doesn’t break the 6.1″ display notch, hole punch or anything else, Sony places the front-facing camera, stereo speaker, RGB notification LED, and proximity and ambient light sensors in the symmetrical bezels.

(source: OnLeaks / The Tech Outlook) [+]

The connectors also remain unchanged: USB-C at the bottom for charging and data transmission, 3.5 mm audio connector at the top for sound transmission. The volume control and the fingerprint reader integrated with the power button are located on the right side of the frame. The card holder can be pulled out from the left side, so far there is no information on whether there is room for a microSD in addition to the SIM.

(source: OnLeaks / The Tech Outlook) [+]

Based on the photos, it is possible to risk that the material of the back panel may again be glass, as was the case with the third-generation version, but the source does not provide any information regarding this. Likewise, there is no news about the hardware yet, but since Sony has used Qualcomm Snapdragon chips in its mid-range phones so far, it should not come as a surprise to anyone if it will be the same this year.

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