The feature for iPhone and Mac that allows you to group shared files into applications

The feature for iPhone and Mac that allows you to group shared files into applications

The Shared with you functionality first appeared in 2021 alongside the update to iOS 15 and macOS Monterey as a social feature that organizes the documents, images, links, and miscellaneous content that were shared as a message by other devices.

This function appears when a user shares with another some apple content TV, Apple Music, News, Podcasts, Safari, and Photos using iMessage. Each of the applications organizes the content and adds it to its own “Shared with you” section, which makes it easy to recognize material recommended by contacts usually.

Now, shortly after the launch of the updates iOS 16 Y macOS Venturausers will still be able to use this feature on these operating systems.

Where to find the Shared with you section

First, you must enter the Configuration panel and click on Message. Then you have to activate the Auto Share button. It is also possible to activate or deactivate this feature for specific Apple applications.

iPhone iOS 16.  (photo: Applesphere)
iPhone iOS 16. (photo: Applesphere)

For Macs, open the Messages app and locate the Preferences option by clicking in the menu bar or by pressing Command-Comma on your keyboard. The Shared with you tab has several boxes, one per application, so that the user can enable or disable this option whenever you want.

This is how you can find the Shared with you section in the different Apple applications:

AppleTV: Click on the Watch now tab at the bottom left of the screen.

AppleMusic: Click on the Listen now tab

Safari: Open a new tab in the browser and scroll to the bottom of the home page. The edit button will allow you to turn the Shared with you option on and off.

Photos: Click on the For you tab and scroll down so you can find the section.

News: Click on the Today tab and scroll down.

Podcast: Click on the Listen now tab and scroll down.

In all apps, you can see the contact photo and the name of the person who shared it below the content within the Shared with you section. For discard the contenta long press is required on iOS and iPadOS, and a click on macOS.

To share content

In the event that users want to send content from Apple applications to their contacts through iMessages, the steps to follow on each platform are similar.

AppleTV: Choose a TV show, movie, or series, and then click the share button (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing up). Within the options, choose Messages, then select the contact you want to share with, and then send the message.

AppleMusic: Choose an entire song or album and click the More button that looks like three dots in a circle. Then click on the Share Song or Share Album option. Once the Messages option has been chosen, select the contact and then Send.

Safari: On the website you want to share, you must click the Share button in the shape of a square. Choose Messages, the contact, and then Send.

Photos: Once the photo is chosen, click on the Share button, then Messages, the destination contact and Send.

News: Select an article or news and click on the More option. You must choose the Messages option, then the contact who will receive the information and then Send.

Podcast: After finding the desired podcast, click on the square Share button. Choose the option of Messages, the destination contact and Send.