The family calls: Dwayne Johnson will return as Hobbs in a new spin-off of ‘Fast & Furious’

dwayne johnson debuted as Luke Hobbs in fast & furious 5considered not by chance as the film that updated the formula of At full throttle so that it could become what it is today: one of the most beloved action sagas with overtones to last forever. Heading into the main story, however, fans had the tinge that Johnson had last appeared in fast & furious 8remaining absent in the ninth and tenth delivery.

The reason was a media dispute with the protagonist and producer of the saga, Vin Diesel. Arrival fast & furious 8 they took to kill, and Johnson chose to leave the saga without this preventing him from participating in a successful spin-off: hobbs&shawwhere he joined forces with the Deckard Shaw of Jason Statham. It was possible that Johnson could appear in a sequel to hobbs&shaw while the trunk story came to an end without him, but something has changed in Fast & Furious X.

[A partir de aquí spoilers de Fast & Furious X]

Fast & Furious 10 It is the prelude to the grand finale of the family of Dom Torettoinitiating a narrative cycle that would end with a Fast & Furious X: Part 2 and (according to Diesel at the premiere) a Fast & Furious X: Part 3. However, in the post-credits scene of the Part 1 that recently hit theaters we came across a pleasant surprise: the reappearance of Hobbs to face off against the villain embodied by Jason Momoa, Giving. Which meant that he had made his peace with Vin Diesel. The family was back together.

So we can understand that, according to indiewireanother one has just been confirmed spin-off focused on Hobbs. It will be a film that writes Chris Morgan (Assiduous scriptwriter for the saga after films like the fifth, eighth or the same hobbs&shaw) and its story will take place in the margins of the main saga, although it is not a numbered installment. How is it explained? Well, it will be a film that serves as a link between Fast & Furious X and the future Fast & Furious X: Part 2 (which would arrive around 2025).

The film would tell what happened to Hobbs during the time that we have not seen him, without confirming whether he would accompany him again Jason Statham as it happened in hobbs&shaw. Taking into account that Statham has continued to appear in the franchise, we may find ourselves with a solo vehicle for Johnson, who after denying the saga for months has changed his mind. There is no release date or director hired for the new Hobbs movie, which also has no title yet.

Below is Johnson’s official statement on Instagram:

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