The eight essential Netflix films and documentaries to liven up your return to work

Summer holidays They are finished in Spain and it is time to return to the routine, to work and studies. The beginning of the course It is always hard to face and the desire to learn is at an all-time low. It’s hard to get back into a study habit, so a great option for this month of September, which comes loaded with new releases, is watch a documentary with which you can have a good time while learning about a multitude of different topics.

And if there is a platform that has the largest offering of this type of content in its catalog, that is Netflix. From underwater diving to the life of Sylverster Stallone, the giant of the streaming offers a large number of documentaries to their subscribers, so it is very possible that someone will be able to liven up these first days back to the routine. here they go four recommendations to see in this return to work.

‘The deepest inspiration’

At the beginning of this year 2023, Netflix released a documentary that delves into free diving, specifically the tragic story of Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan, two submariners who experienced an accident in 2017. With testimonies from some protagonists, The deepest inspiration is one of the best options to learn about the dangers of practice extreme sports like these dives.

‘Living 100 years: The secrets of the blue zones’

This docuseries four episodes It arrived on the platform on August 30 and has already slipped into the ‘top-5’ of the most viewed in Spain. Live 100 years travels around the planet visiting the areas where their inhabitants are longer lived. Dan Buettner will travel to the Japanese island of Okinawa and the Californian suburbs, among others, looking for an explanation to why those who live in these places live longer than the rest.

‘The unknown’

This ‘saga’ of documentaries tells with four deliveries, each one more different from its predecessor, so it is practically impossible for one of them not to be interesting. From he outer space (The cosmic time machine), going by Ancient Egypt (The lost pyramid) or by artificial intelligence (The killer robots), until reaching paleontology (The cave of bones), The unknown offers content for all types of subscribers and interests.

‘Eldorado: everything Nazis hate’

At the end of June of this same year, this documentary joined the Netflix catalog hour and a half that tells what was experienced in a club queer Berlin in the 1920s and how the already few freedoms that the collective had in Germany at the beginning of the century were suddenly torn away with the arrival of Adolf Hitler to the chancellery.

Depp vs. hear

The documentary that reviews one of the most controversial cases of recent Hollywood history was watched almost 40 million hours in its first days and has not moved from the ‘top-10’ in the three weeks it has been available. This docuseries three episodes recreates in detail what led to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to reach the most media trial of last year and which divided society.

But Netflix not only has a great sample of documentaries, but there are also countless movies that can serve to refrain from the difficult return to the school routine. While there are many tapes inside its immense catalogue, These four have recently arrived on the platform and are ideal for having a good time.

‘Small details’

Released in 2021 and starring Denzel Washington (which has just led the Spanish box office), Jared Leto and Rami Malek Small details arrived on the platform last August and is already the most consumed film in Spain. This thriller police in which an attempt is made to catch a serial killer of young girls promises intrigue in its little more than two hours of duration.

‘Agent Stone’

The latest blockbuster of the platform is the most viewed film in the world in streaming and it is starring Gal Gadot who wants to become Netflix’s Ethan Hunt. A thriller of spies who will travel the entire planet, from icy landscapes to arid lands, to make you vibrate on the couch for its two hours.

‘Choose Love’

Years after Black Mirror: BandersnatchNetflix returns to the world of interactive movies with Choose Love, a romantic comedy starring Laura Marano in which the viewers will be the ones who decide the future of their love life, being able choose between three boys that will turn Cami’s life completely chaotic.

‘A day and a half’

The latest release on the platform, as recent as it arrived on September 1, is this thriller Swedish in which the protagonist kidnaps his ex-wife and then travels all over Sweden with the police in his wake. It is the third most viewed film globally on Netflix, with more than 7 million of hours watched and 4.4 million views in its first two days.

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