Home Android The Edge 40 Pro includes the specifications of a Chinese Motorola

The Edge 40 Pro includes the specifications of a Chinese Motorola

The Edge 40 Pro includes the specifications of a Chinese Motorola

In recent years, Motorola has heard a lot about itself, and regardless of the season or discounts, one Moto appears among the best value for money phones, the Edge 30 Fusion, for example, is almost a hit. Of course, the new year means a new product line with the small irony that Motorola is actually a Chinese brand, the American mobile division to be exact was bought by the Chinese Lenovo, so the Moto X40 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 was also announced there in December. With 6.7″ and 165 Hz HDR10+ FHD pOLED panel and Android 13.

Motorola X40 may soon be rebranded as Edge 40 Pro. Source: Motorola [+]

It wouldn’t make much sense to design a separate phone for each continent, so after the Asian launch, the rest of the world can get the same mobile with 12 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 256 GB of UFS 4.0 storage. There is no point in continuing in conditional mode: the aluminum frame of the 199-gram phone is covered by two Gorilla Glass Victus, and on the back there is a 50-megapixel normal, 50-megapixel ultra-wide and 12-megapixel zoom camera, the latter unfortunately only offering 2x optical zoom. A 60-megapixel sensor works on the front panel, and between the two glass panels is a 4,600 mAh, 125-watt rechargeable battery, which can also be supplied with energy wirelessly.

IP68 protection can remain
IP68 protection can remain (source: Motorola) [+]

THE MySmartPrice a smooth one Edge 40with a slightly smaller 6.55″ FHD+ pOLED panel with a slightly lower image refresh rate at 144 Hz. Instead, the 167 gram weight in the acrylic design can be particularly airy, but the 171 gram parameter of the vegan leather is not considered heavy either, the IP68 and protection can remain the same as the stereo speaker or the 50 megapixel main camera. However, the zoom can jump and the ultra-wide unit can switch to 13 megapixels, keeping the super macro function. The source writes about a MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chip, which is probably a knock-off, and he meant Dimensity 8200 the poet. However, the 4,400 mAh battery does not seem very generous, but it comes with at least 68 watt wired and 15 watt wireless charging. The site calculates with 8/128 and 8/256 GB configurations, but it cannot yet give an exact start date .

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