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The easiest way to receive a notification when an iPhone is already 100% charged

Although the Apple Watch shows in the iPhone when it’s fully charged, there’s no way to tell on the same smartphone from Manzana. Fortunately, You can create your own notifications so that the iPhone warns when the battery is at 100%. and let it be Siri whoever tells it, with this little trick that TechMarkup brings next.


In order for Siri to notify you when the battery is fully charged, you will need to use the app shortcuts. While it may seem daunting considering the vast possibilities of this app, the truth is that the trick requires very few steps.

So you can create a notification that can alert when an iPhone is fully charged


You have to start by opening the application shortcuts on the iPhone and going to the section of Automations. Now click on the icon ‘+’ to create a personal automation, where you can see several options.

Almost at the bottom we have sections dedicated to charging the battery of an iPhone.


You have to choose the one that says ‘Battery level’. Now, slide the bar down until you get to 100% battery, then make sure ‘ is checkedIt’s 100%’ before pressing Following.

Now that the ‘event’ trigger has been selected, we need to choose what happens when it fires.

In the actions you can navigate until you find the option ‘Read text by voice’, Although it is better to use the search engine. It is selected and specified in the field the phrase you want.


When you click on next, you will have a summary of the action to be carried out. It is very important to get rid of the ‘Request confirmation’ option, since when the event takes place, the iPhone will ask to confirm that we want to receive notifications. This prevents the operation as planned.

How to receive a sound when an iPhone battery is fully charged

This same automation can be customized so that sounds can be played on the iPhone. To do this, you simply have to do these steps:

1. When choosing the action that will execute the “event” that was chosen previously, it is necessary to look for ‘Notification’.

2. There you will find two types: show notification or Play sound.

3. One of the two is chosen and personalized, either with a message in the first case or with a specific sound in the second.

It should be noted that andThese alerts will not play on Apple Watch. That is why it is more comfortable to use Siri to notify you of the charge level of the iPhone.

The 3 common mistakes that degrade the battery of an iPhone

1. Battery overheating: using or leaving the iPhone in direct sunlight, inside a car, or running applications that can actually burn the phone on contact degrades the battery at a very high rate and is also a risk to the device.

This is how you can avoid: do not leave the iPhone in the sun. If it’s too hot, it’s better to turn it off to cool down. And above all, never leave an iPhone in the sun in a car in summer.

2. Complete cycles by spending the battery: the idea of ​​having to wait for the battery to discharge and then recharge it or stay between 20% and 80% doesn’t make much sense on today’s iPhones. In the end, you will suffer from higher consumption than with normal use of the iPhone.

This is how you can avoid: charge your iPhone only when you need it, or overnight, letting the system itself take care of everything. And the most important, never leave your iPhone at 0% for more than a day or two.

3. If necessary, change the battery: this is the last resort you can have. When your iPhone battery becomes excessively degraded, it is better to replace it with a new one. A damaged battery is always a risk.

This is how you can avoid: consider replacing the battery if it becomes excessively degraded; namely, if the battery health is less than 80%.

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