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The easiest way for a cell phone to automatically delete spam messages

The easiest way for a cell phone to automatically delete spam messages
Android spam messages.  (photo: Sport)
Android spam messages. (photo: Sport)

It is likely that on more than one occasion, any user has been offered a product or service that he ended up rejecting because he is not interested. However, days later that company contact again using different phone numbers.

If in case the calls are not answered, they insist again through the text messages (SMS). This is called a ‘spam‘, a type of spam that is often sent for advertising and commercial purposes. On this occasion, TechMarkup will teach a simple trick for a android cell phone automatically notify the user when a ‘Spam’ arrives.

Although the goal of the ‘spam‘ is to make a sale, many cyber criminals they also use it to steal money or access personal information. For example, it is very common to receive a text message with the following content: “Congratulations, you have won cash and a Toyota Yaris car, contact us to send you the prizes”. So when the user contacts these people, they will say that it is necessary to deposit a certain amount of money to a bank account so that the prizes are delivered to you.


Fortunately, the versions of Android 10 or higher already have an anti-spam system that has been working very well, because the phone will warn the user that it is an unwanted message and that it is recommended not to open it, it will immediately file it in the ‘Spam and blocked’ folder.

In this way you can activate the ‘Antispam’ function in Android


– First, from an Android cell phone enter the default app Messages.

– Now, press on the icon of the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner.

– Various options will be displayed, tap on ‘Setting’.

– You have to scroll down and enter the section called ‘Spam protection’.

– Finally, activate the switch that says ‘Enable spam protection’.

Done, that would be it. Whenever suspicious messages are received, Android will detect it and automatically send it to the ‘Spam and Blocked’ folder.

It is recommended do not open these messages and much less answer them, as they could introduce a virus malware which would steal all personal data and banking information.

Android Antispam feature.  (photo: The Spanish)
Android Antispam feature. (photo: The Spanish)

What is and how to use Google Lens on Android

Google Lens It has such high capabilities that you will be amazed at all that can be done with the mobile camera and Google servers.

Solve mathematical equations, know the specific food of the restaurant you have gone to and you can even translate the text in front of you in real time. If that’s not enough, scan QR codes. This is how you can read QR codes on Android without downloading apps:

1. Click on a empty space on the desk and enter the options widgets.

2. Find the google-widget and place it on the phone.

3. An icon will appear on the far right of the search bar. click this colored square that looks like a camera; it’s Google Lens.

Google Lens icon on Android.  (photo: Vanguard)
Google Lens icon on Android. (photo: Vanguard)

4. Once this option has been pressed, The camera app with Lens will open. If it is the first time it is used, you have to accept the permissions for the phone’s camera and memory.

5. Click on ‘Search with camera’ to capture the QR code in front of one. It should be noted that if a QR code is saved on the phone, it can be opened from the gallery.

6. When the viewfinder appears on the screen with everything pointed at the camera, point your mobile phone at the QR code and click it.

7. Google Lens will give all the information that the QR hides. If it is text, it will bring it to the screen; if it is a link, this will allow you to open it directly. Even save a contact, connect to a Wi-Fi network and everything behind the QR.

It should be noted that there are no ads, it’s free, there are no external downloads and, The only requirement that must be taken into account is be connected to the internet.

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