The Disney horror film that receives praise from Stephen King and Guillermo del Toro

After his work as a screenwriter for films such as The Babysitter (2017) and underwater (2020), and the premiere of his directorial debut, Spontaneous (2020), the filmmaker Brian Duffield has managed to get its new horror title to top the list of the most viewed content these days on Disney+.

Between aliens, terrifying plots and the best sci-fi, no one will save youDuffield’s new film, addresses the story of young Brynn, who lives isolated in a neighborhood far from the rest of the world. The protagonist loves solitude and finds solace in the house she grew up in, until some strange noises from her wake her up. Thus she will discover that the intruders come from a place further away than she could imagine. Some aliens who will threaten her life and force her to face her past.

Now, the film starring Kaitlyn Dever, actress known for her previous appearances in the film Super Nerds and the miniseries believe me, has conquered the public in its landing in streaming.

‘Nobody will save you’, the horror film that sweeps Disney+

Upon its landing on Disney + on September 19, no one will save you has managed to convince hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world. A title that is located among the 10 most viewed content on the platform in more than 20 countriesamong them Spain.

The success of this title has also come along with the praises of great masters of terror, of the stature of the novelist Stephen King and the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (The Devil’s backbone, The Pan’s Labyrinth), who have shared their enthusiasm for no one will save you.

No One Will Save You is bright, bold, immersive and terrifying. You have to go back more than 60 years, to one of the episodes of The Twilight Zoneto find something even remotely similar,” noted Stephen King.

“No One Will Save You is fun, fun, FUN. He’s also smart and has great moments. It is presented in a classic and solid way. Avoid obstacles and maximize your resources. I couldn’t think of a more perfect movie for your weekend. It fulfills the promise of spontaneity,” said Guillermo del Toro.

“As to no one will save you, Movies without dialogue (in the age of sound) are difficult to make. This makes me think of movies like The spy (1952), When everything is lost (2013), Kamikaze 1999 (The last fight) (1983) and a handful of others (Chomet, Tati, etc.), and Quest for Fire and The Bear to a certain extent,” Del Toro added.

Guillermo del Toro explains the ending of ‘Nobody Will Save You’

Beyond the plot that the filmmakers fell in love with, but also aroused confusion in a certain part of the audience, Guillermo del Toro provided a little clarity when explaining in a long thread The end of Nobody will save you. Some very enlightening and spoiler-free messages.

“1- There goes a thread. There is an essential principle in Catholic dogma (thus, you can choose to refute it or embrace it) that serves as a narrative backbone: grace and salvation arise from pain and suffering. It is in this passage where you find salvation”.

“2- In No one will save you, you will be saved through this. You can find it in the Book of Jobin Jonah and the whale and, indeed, in many other religions. “The world – its essence – is a paradoxical combination of destruction and creation.”

“3- Any attempt on a human scale to repress one side is conflictive, since the universe does not work well. I think the key is the moment of ‘communion’ through the eucharist of the alien identity capsule. It is profound” .

“4- I would like to expand on this topic (as a non-practicing institutional Catholic), but I finished my coffee and I have to finish my weekend tasks. The film is about the repair of the soul, yes, but then it extends to other levels. “Look at her. Maybe we’ll chat some more.”

“5- By the way, this narrative line is essential for Hitchcock and functions as the backbone of many fairy tales and parables. That is what no one will save you It is for me: a parable. A really funny parable. “Sunday school has never been so much fun.”

Guillermo del Toro’s enthusiasm for the film provoked the response of the director of no one will save you, who is fulfilling a true dream with the impact that his second film as a director is having. “I don’t think William even knows that I’m a missionary kid who grew up in Ireland, so this is a wild Sunday morning.”said an excited about his life Brian Duffieldwho has begun to be in the focus of all genre film fans.

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