The director recalls Tom Cruise’s anger on the set of ‘Mission Impossible’: “They were difficult days”

After the coronavirus crisis and the success of Top Gun: Maverickthe narrative that has ended up being imposed is that Tom Cruise saved the movie industry. It may sound very exaggerated, but Steven Spielberg He told him so in the days before the oscar and we cannot contradict him: several reasons endorse it beyond the millions of dollars that the sequel to top gun. To begin with, the fact that it won them thanks to being released in theaters in style, without windows of streaming that they were worth

Cruise fought hard against paramount so that Maverick be exempt from an exhibition model that shortens the window in theaters, in a negotiation during which it came to “to kidnap” the filming of Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment. Part 1. This film, to be more specific, had begun filming in Italy shortly before the outbreak of the health emergency, and later it was one of the first major Hollywood productions to resume recording, with a series of security protocols that would later be referenced.

They were very tense days, of course, and from this shoot a moment went viral when Cruise, seeing several employees who were failing to comply with the measures, flew into a rage and yelled at them things like “It’s what worries me every night, the future of this fucking industry!”. “So I’m sorry, your apologies aren’t worth it. I’ve said it and if you don’t you’re out. We’re not going to lose this fucking movie!”, he could also be heard saying. Cruise was criticized for losing his temper like that to his employees, but his commitment to safety was also praised.

Deadly sentence. Part 1 production has finally concluded, and it is scheduled to premiere on 12th of July. Christopher McQuarrieits director, has just been interviewed in Entertainment Weekly, and they could not avoid asking him about Cruise’s anger. McQuarrie, regular partner of the star (formerly directed secret nation and falloutand will do the same with the end of the saga Deadly sentence. Part 2), justified Cruise’s attitude based on the pressure that everyone suffered.

“Were complicated days and of great uncertainty”, he explains. “Obviously we appreciated people taking it seriously. We were fighting to keep industry aliveto keep people’s jobs, we fought for the studio and the cinemas, and we continue to do so. we keep doing it”. McQuarrie, on the other hand, is aware of how the narrative ultimately tipped towards Cruise. “I’m glad people understood the intent behind it.”

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