The director of ‘Nobody Will Save You’ explains why the film has no dialogue

no one will save you has positioned itself as one of the most acclaimed horror titles of the season, even before the arrival of the Halloween holiday. A film that has anticipated the wave of horror films that will land on streaming these weeks and that has surprised with its mastery in the construction of a story of creepy aliens, whose magic has lain in the total absence of dialogue and its strong sci-fi component. Something that filmmakers of the stature of Guillermo del Toro have praised.

Director of The Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s backbone I even compared the film’s ingenuity with other brilliant films without dialogue like The spy (1952), Kamikaze 1999 (The last fight) (1983) and When everything is lost (2013). An absence of words in the construction of the story that the director wanted to explain no one will save youBrian Duffield, for People.

“A lot of the film is about loneliness, self-isolation and the lack of community, so I knew it would be quite simple, but I didn’t think there would be no dialogue,” Duffield has confessed about the conception of this title.

I had half the script written when I realized that the protagonist had not spoken. And at that moment I thought that she was about to return home and there was no one else in the rest of the film,” adds the filmmaker.

Why doesn’t Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) speak in ‘No One Will Save You’?

The organic writing of this script encouraged Brynn (Kaitlyn Dever) He won’t say a word. An acting element, more demanding than it seems a priori, which caused the actress of Super Nerds and believe me will demonstrate his best acting skills.

After the film’s segment about the city, there is no reason for the protagonist to speak. It felt like a very natural sort of extension of his character’s isolation and causes people to become obsessed with what is happening on the screen“says the filmmaker.

A tremendously demanding role on a physical and psychological level for Dever, who, despite not saying a word, he does “scream, cry and laugh”. Some of the most expressive forms of human communication.

The filming involved such a level of difficulty that Duffield has been tremendously grateful these days to Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King for the beautiful words they spoke on social media talking about no one will save youof which many are already asking for a second part.

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