The Dimensity 8200 will not bring much news

The 8200 chip, which is expected as a continuation of the Dimensity 8100, will not fundamentally change much compared to the previous generation. Based on the information shared on Weibo, the set remains on the 5-nanometer production line, it retains the ARMv8 design, only the arrangement of the clusters and the clock signals are slightly varied, which means a more pronounced difference compared to this year’s flagship chip than between the 9100 and the 8100.


So the Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55 cores remain, but the performance-centric cores are organized into two clusters. Three Cortex-A78 cores will work at 3 GHz, while the most powerful unit will be pushed up to 3.1 GHz. This predicts a significant increase in performance compared to the previous 2.85 GHz level, and energy efficiency can be supported by more decisive diversification. The set of four Cortex-A55 remains at 2 GHz and the GPU is not changed either (Mali-G610 MC6). The new set can be used first by Redmi and iQOO, the former with the K60 model, and the latter with the iQOO 7 SE device.

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