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The dial mobile phone can be pre-ordered

The dial mobile phone can be pre-ordered

What is the furthest thing from the touchscreen concept? It’s probably really the dial-up input solution, or maybe pigeon mail. Justine Haupt did not intend to step back centuries in terms of technology, she only wanted a very unique, mechanically operated device suitable for making calls, which is nothing more than what it is. Phone. Of course, it’s good if you can put it in your pocket and use it anywhere there is network coverage, but nothing else. And this should be understood exactly as it sounds. Nothing. Not in the way Mudita, for example, did. thus was born Rotary Un-Smartphone.

Justine Haupt with an early version of Rotary Un-Smartphone. [+]

Every component of the device with an extreme appearance was designed and made by Haupt, the entire device can be operated mechanically, and it is difficult to describe how unique and interesting it is. By the way, yielding to the pressure of serious customer demand, the device can be pre-ordered in five different colors with delivery in spring 2023, with a bell of your choice (gold or silver). Because a real bell rings in the phone, and the real bell can be seen from the device housing, in case anyone had any doubts, and it looks good anyway.

The specification and product benefits:

  • Pocket size (11.0 cm x 7.5 cm x 3.0 cm)
  • Light (163 g)
  • Full LTE connection. “Future-proof” for at least another decade
  • Quick call initiation
  • You don’t have to navigate through any menu system to access the functions
  • microSIM slot
  • Real (mechanical) brass bell with gold or silver plating; visible from the outside
  • Receive SMS, send pre-edited messages and numeric strings
  • 2 displays: front OLED for caller ID and dial input and rear e-onk for contact display
  • Physical switch for the microphone (“Thanks, Edward Snowden.with ” comment.)
  • Mechanical power switch
  • The MicroSD card stores the contact list as a text file, which is displayed on the e-ink display on the back
  • TRRS headset connector
  • USB-C charging port
  • Light bulb-like indicator LEDs

The device, or more specifically the parts, can currently be ordered at a price of 390 dollars, the assembly of the device does not require any expertise, only one (max. two) screwdrivers, and the parts can be replaced in case of failure. However, according to the designer, everything is ready to sell ready-made devices in the future. So, if someone has always dreamed of a dial mobile phone with authentic mechanics and super secure software, now is the time.

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