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The Death of the Demon: new Evil Dead movie wins tense trailer; Look!

 The Death of the Demon: new Evil Dead movie wins tense trailer;  Look!

Great day for fans of evil dead. Warner launched this Wednesday (4) the first full trailer Demon Death: The Ascension (Evil Dead Risein the original), new film in the franchise created by Sam Raimi in 1981.

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This time, there will be no cabin in the middle of the forest, as the story will be set in the big city, but the feature should bring, of course, more murderous demons and even more blood. Check out the trailer:

According to the official synopsis, the plot should focus on two estranged sisters, played by ‎‎Alyssa Sutherland‎‎ (Vikings) and ‎‎‎‎Lily Sullivan (Mental)‎‎, “whose reunion is interrupted by the rise of demons, who throw them into a primal battle for survival as they face the darkest version of family imaginable”.

In addition to the teaser, the first poster for the film was also released:

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Necessary changes

As for the plot changes – no remote cabin and no Ash – director Lee Cronin says he’s confident. “It still needed to preserve some of the claustrophobia and that translated well by going from the cabin to an urban setting. It’s about a family trapped in their apartment in a run-down apartment building, so it has the same pace, it just puts it in a contemporary space.”

In addition, he confirms that the feature will have references and ‘direct connections’ with the first films.

Even though the feature no longer has Ash as the protagonist, his interpreter, actor Bruce Campbell, will return to executive production, alongside Sam Raimi.

In Brazil, the debut of Demon Death: The Ascension in theaters is scheduled for April 20.

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