“The Crystal Girls”: two friends, the ballet, sacrifice and death in the new Netflix production

A ballerina gets the lead role and is overwhelmed by huge pressure. She and a classmate find refuge in a friendship that isolates them from the real world. (Netflix)

the crystal girls is a new Spanish thriller. A Netflix original drama film that is in the fifth place of the most viewed on the platform at the moment. It is directed by Jota Linares and stars Maria Pedraza Y Paula Losada. It was released in March 2022 on the Malaga Film Festival and its world premiere on the platform was on April 8.

After the star of the National Classical Ballet tragically commits suicide, Irene (Maria Pedraza) is selected to take her place in the company’s largest production: Giselle. Now, being the target of all the jealousy and cruelty of her classmates, Irene finds a friend in the new dancer, Aurora (Paula Losada); a lonely young woman dominated by her mother. Isolated and pressured by the sacrifice involved in succeeding in dance, Irene and Aurora’s relationship becomes closer and closer, as well as obsessive. Together they undertake a flight in search of themselves.

The story is divided into two themes. One is the demanding overprotection of a frustrated mother and dancer, and the other is loneliness in the absence of family support. itself, lThe film is based on the pressure and demands that lead its characters to travel along a thinly extreme line. Something similar happens here as in The cisne black, what It created a universe where the consequences of the pressure exceeded such extreme levels that it drove the character to “justifiable” madness.

The friendship between Irene and Aurora is linked because they share a secret to isolate themselves from the world and pressure. However, Irene and Aurora move away when the latter suffers a car accident that prevents her from returning to the stage. As the premiere of Giselle, more and more is demanded of Irene. This causes Irene to become obsessed with losing weight and feels that all the cast members want to ruin her career. Apparently, she is walking the same path as Maria, the first Giselle who apparently committed suicide due to pressure.

What happens in the end?

It’s actually an unexpected ending with madness descent. But, we will not spoil it, so organize your time and fill yourself with feelings and many mixed emotions while you watch it.



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