The Crown: 4 controversies of the royal family shown in the fifth season

the fifth season of The Crown premiered this Wednesday (9) on Netflix and was already giving a lot to talk about even before the launch. That’s because, in addition to being the first season after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the new episodes must also address a period beyond turbulent for the royal family.


After another time jump, the series will now follow the events of the 1990s, starting with the fateful fire of Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Crown at the time.

In addition, others controversial events will be portrayed in The Crown🇧🇷 check below:

4) Divorce


Between 1990 and 1999, Queen Elizabeth’s four children were on the front pages of newspapers all over the world, as they all divorced at this time. Even according to the book Queen of Our Times: The Life of Queen Elizabeth IIthe Queen considered the end of the marriages of Princess Anne and Princes Charles and Andrew to be the worst moments of her reign.

3) Controversial interview

In 1995, Princess Diana gave an interview to the newspaper BBC which is considered by many as “the exclusive of the century”. Already separated from Charles since 1992 – but with the divorce made official in 1996 -, she told a little more about their relationship and said the famous phrase: “We were three in this marriage. It was a little crowded.”


The speech was in reference to the prince’s betrayal with Camila, his current wife. The interview was watched by over 20 million viewers.

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2) Dress

When she divorced Charles in 1996, Lady Di appeared in public in a strapless black dress, going against the royal family’s dress code. The moment, considered one of the most symbolic in Diana’s life, will be shown in the series.

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1) Death of Lady Di

Netflix has already confirmed that the exact moment of Lady Di’s death will not be shown, but the “preparation” must be addressed.

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The five seasons of The Crown are available on Netflix.

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