The creator of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ blames ‘The Rings of Power’ for the end of her series

The trips to the Middle Earth They never come cheap, you know. Especially if said trip takes place in all luxury and without sparing in expenses. But no budget is unlimited (even if it comes from the coffers of Jeff Bezos) and, when the bills arrive, you need to cut costs somehow. As the showrunner has implied Amy Sherman-Palladino, that is exactly the reason that explains the end of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel.

In an interview with the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Sherman-Palladino has pointed to the huge outlay of Prime Video in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as the cause of the bolt to his series about a pioneering stage comedian. “It wasn’t my thing. But things end,” said the showrunner. “I get it, but, you know, orcs have to be paid. There are a lot of orcs out there. And orcs have to be paid.”

The pull of Sherman-Palladino is easy to understand: faced with the possibility of hooking the fandom of JRR Tolkien, a series like hers is expendable material, no matter how much it comes backed by the charisma of the protagonist Rachel Brosnahan and for a critical esteem that has led her to win a whopping twenty Emmy Awards, among other trophies, over five seasons.

“There were many whistles and flutes. Making period series is very expensive”, add the creator of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, dropping another taunt to the Tolkienian show of Amazon. “It’s not just the cars, the costumes and the sets. It’s the work that comes after removing the modern stuff. The special effects are special. Nobody would say that we don’t have special effects if there are no dragons.”

Still, Sherman-Palladino thinks he’s been able to bring his creation to a good end. “We look at the fifth season and we thought ‘Okay, we can land the plane now.’ Because, about halfway through the season, people started saying, ‘Well, how about a reboot?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, God, let me put an end to this.

“Let me make sure that people liked the show, and if people have seen it, they will feel at the end that their journey had a conclusion,” adds the showrunner. And she clinches: “That was very important to me.”

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