‘The Creator’ leads a box office that is filled with new features, and empties of the public, before the Film Festival

The new edition of the Film Festival that takes place from this Monday, October 2 to Thursday, the 5th, has arrived with a good number of new features on the billboard, but as usual during the weekend before the event, with reduced tickets for 3.50 euros, it has caused fewer spectators to go to the theaters. In this way, science fiction The Creator has debuted at the top of the box office in Spainbut without exceeding one million euros. It has remained at 683 thousand eurosaccording to still provisional data from ComScore Movies.

The second highest grossing was the tenth installment of Saw with 474 thousand eurosfollowed in third place by The mercenaries with almost 405 thousand. And it is worthwhile to highlight the premiere of the new Victor Erice, Close the eyeswhich on 101 screens (in contrast to 488 of The Creatorthe 434 of The mercenaries or the 309 of Saw X), managed to sneak into the top ten most viewed. Specifically, it was ninth with 84 thousand euros raised. Also the most recent of Woody Allen, Stroke of luckwhich is shown on 224 screens was positioned sixth with 276 thousand euros.

As to The Creatordirected by Gareth Edwardshas entered 32.3 million recorded in dollars in its global premiere, of which 14 correspond to the United States and Canada. There she debuted third in a ranking led by the animated feature film Paw Patrol: The Super Movie with 23 million dollars, followed by precisely Saw X surpassing The Creator with 18 million. The new installment of the Jigsaw atrocities managed to add 29.3 million dollars also globally in its first weekend.

The ten highest grossing films in Spain (from September 29 to October 1)

1 – The Creator. 683,423 euros and 93,390 spectators in three days.

2 – Saw 474,911 euros and 67,360 spectators in three days.

3 – The mercenaries. 404,864 euros and 57,033 spectators in three days.

4 – Mystery in Venice. 369,783 euros (and in 17 days it accumulates 2,885,739 euros and 434,152 viewers).

5 – The Nun II. 326,633 euros (and in 24 days, 5,616,192 euros and 809,016 viewers).

6 – Stroke of luck. 276,842 euros and 38,491 spectators (and adding the previous showings on Thursday, 289,213 euros and 40,278 spectators).

7 – Championex. 224,971 euros (and in 45 days, 10,103,308 euros and 1,643,583 viewers).

8 – The Equalizer 3. 119,925 euros (and in 31 days, 4,310,737 euros and 632,932 viewers).

9 – Close your eyes. 83,013 euros and 12,259 spectators in three days.

10- After. Everything ends here. 78,786 euros (and in 17 days, 1,034,854 euros and 157,974 spectators).

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