The “craziest” action sequence of all time and other curiosities about ‘Tyler Rake 2’

Tyle Rake it had barely arrived on Netflix when the platform announced a sequel. The audience data for the feature film starring Chris Hemsworth forced to do so: three years after its release, Tyle Rake occupies ranked number seven among Netflix’s most viewed moviesthree away from the Irish (2019), whose director (and, by the way, Tarantino), Hemsworth has made his words against Marvel ugly.

The second installment of Tyle Rake will be released on June 16: in it, Hemsworth will once again risk his life on a deadly mission (literally? It will certainly depend on the numbers this movie does). joe russowho has been in charge of the script for the sequel, has promised that this is very different from the original movie. What will it bring us Tyler Rake 2?

“The craziest action scene in movie history”

In an interview for Empirescreenwriter Joe Russo (The Avengers: Infinity War) and Sam Hargrave (Tyle Rake) have defined one of the action sequences starring Hemsworth as “the craziest movie in history”. And it may be that only for what has been necessary to shoot it, they have to agree with them.

According to both, the scene is a 20 minute sequence shot in which Hemsworth must move through a raging mass of prisoners, which already seems enough to get the attention of an action movie lover.

But the situation improves if you add that Hemsworth is engulfed in flames most of the time: the film crew had to set it on fire up to thirty times to get the scene just the way they wanted it. And it should be remembered that the interpreter of Thor did not use doubles.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ with Chris Hemsworth

Austria is not a country for children

The danube city is a new neighborhood, built in Vienna, which for two weeks served as a set during the filming of Tyler Rake 2. Due to the busyness of the production, several businesses had to close while Hemsworth filmed his scenes. Among the establishments that interrupted their activity, there was a kindergartenin anticipation that the violence of the Hargrave-directed sequel might not be very educational for children.

Where to see Tyler Rake 2′?

On occasions, Netflix has opted for a theatrical release of its films as a preamble to its arrival on the platform. Glass Onion (2022), the second installment of daggers in the backenjoyed a brief but effective time on the big screen, which caused viewers’ interest in this sequel to increase.

In principle, Tyler Rake 2 was going to meet the same fatebut the projection of this film in theaters ended up being ruled out: the adventures of the mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth have been exclusively committed to the small screen.

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