The Consultant: discover the thriller of Prime Video with Christoph Waltz

The Consultant is the new series from Amazon Prime Video. Starring Christoph Waltz, known for his roles in films such as inglourious bastards It is Django Unchainedthe series will explore diverse genres ranging from comedy to suspense.

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The series is based on the eponymous book, written by Bentley Little, but received some adaptations to make the narrative more effective for the episode format.

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Waltz has been highly praised for his performance as he delivers a performance that matches the atmosphere of the series: bizarre, tense and dramatic at every turn. Know more about The Consultant and understand why this could be one of the biggest productions of the year.

The plot

Sang Woo is the CEO of CompWare, a mobile gaming company. He is considered a prodigy in the field for achieving so much relevance, even though he is so young, but his bright future ends when he dies and no one really understands what happened.

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So that the company is not completely abandoned, The Consultant emerges to guide the team according to its own principles. Upon arrival, he reinforces that his main objective is to increase the team’s productivity and ensure that Woo’s legacy is not erased.

He introduces himself as Regus Patoff and presents several strange attitudes, such as the dismissal of an employee for having bad smell, for example.

The behavior ends up raising suspicions about who Regus Patoff is, after all. Two CompWare employees, Craig and Elaine, start looking for the story behind the new boss, but they find it difficult, as Patoff appears to be someone who never really existed.

The series based on the book “The Consultant” has a high score by critics. (Source: Prime Video/Disclosure)Source: Amazon Prime/Disclosure

The two characters are also essential to the story because they witnessed the tragedy that led to Sang’s death, which makes Patoff take a certain interest in both of them.

Throughout the episodes, the employees encounter certain conflicts between discovering Regus’ true identity and simply trying to keep their respective jobs. Meanwhile, The Consultant continues to establish his work pattern and command the team left by Sang, even without any training for this.


Overall, the review considers The Consultant like a solid series. The production is averaging a 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb, based on over 2,000 reviews.

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In some reviews published on Rotten Tomatoes, viewers highlight Christoph Waltz’s performance as the main positive point, since he manages to capture all the weirdness and mystery of Regus Patoff and causes some discomfort, something positive, in this case.

In addition, the supporting performances of Nat Wolff, in the role of Craig, and Brittany O’Grady, as Elaine, also appear in the list of positive comments so far.

On a closer look, the episode average is a consistent 7. In the complete list, among the eight episodes of the first season, the pilot stands out with a score of 7.6, something essential to captivate the audience and capture their attention.

Christoph Waltz's performance was one of the main points of the series' success.  (Source: Prime Video/Disclosure)Christoph Waltz’s performance was one of the main points of the series’ success. (Source: Prime Video/Disclosure)Source: Amazon Prime/Disclosure

Over the next few moments, the rating drops to a 7.2 in Episodes 2, 3, and 4; 7.1 on Episode 5 and a 7 for Episodes 6, 7, and 8.

The season finale received some negative comments for not revealing enough about the mystery behind Regus Patoff.

If so, Amazon Prime Video may be waiting for an opportunity to continue telling the story of The Consultant in a new season.

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It is worth emphasizing that the entire panorama mentioned is still very recent and new reviews about the series should be released over time. For now, the consensus is that it’s worth watching for the performances, very well praised, and a story that holds while presenting solid suspense. For those who like quick resolutions, this may not be the case.

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